Wednesday, October 28, 2015

About Me

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Growing up in seven states, I have done my fair share of traveling and exploring. As a kid, I remember my parents taking us kids hiking and camping, and have always loved those memories and adventures. It wasn't until I was in college that I started adventuring on my own. I lived in Northern Virginia at the time, and there aren't many hikes in that area. However, I made the most of it, and frequently hiked at Great Falls National Park. In 2006-2008, when I lived in Northern Virginia, Great Falls NP had a total of 7 miles. So, after school or on weekends I would go out by myself and hike all 7 miles. I found some other small, local "hikes" (more of a walking path) that I would do, but I tended to get bored doing those. 

It wasn't until I moved to Montana in 2008, that I really got into the outdoors. Let me tell you - the hiking in Montana was amazing! The mountains, the fresh air, the Montana "Big Sky", clean air, tons of trails - it had it all! I had transferred from a community college in VA to Montana State University, and started classes in the Fall of 2008. I had lived in an all girls dorm, and was excited to finally have girlfriends say they were all into hiking. I thought, "Perfect! I will finally have some company on my adventures." It didn't quite work that way....

I always made sure I got my homework and reports done during the week, so that I could explore on the weekends. I quickly found out that most people don't operate that way, and was back to square one and hiking alone. This time for up to 14 miles in one day. I really wanted company, but since I was also new to the area, didn't have any other people to ask to come along. It wasn't until after I had graduated, and lived in a town home, that I had an idea. "What would be better company than a dog?!" Sure, a dog couldn't talk with me, but I loved the idea of having a buddy to tag along, to share my adventures with, to train to be an outdoors dog, to protect me from wildlife, and to snuggle up to at the end of the day., Hiking in Utah with our Dogs
(On the Ridge to Baldy Mountain in 2009 - the highest peak in the Bridger Mountains in Montana)

The Story of How Charlie & I Found Each Other

I found Charlie online, through a breeder that typically bred Miniature Golden Retrievers (yes, this actually exists), but were "trying out" a new breed for them, called a Golden Lab. This would be a mix of their full sized Golden Retriever and full sized Yellow Lab. I called the lady up, and said, “I’m really interested in getting one of the Golden Lab puppies – could I come out to get one?” Mind you, this breeder was about 3 hours from my house. I didn’t want to just show up and have them be all adopted. She said, “Actually, this is perfect timing, they are going on sale tomorrow - $100 off the asking price.”  I thought, perfect, works for me! I told her, ok I’m coming out tomorrow.

So, the next day I drove out to their ranch in the middle of nowhere Montana. The lady pulled up in her old Ford pick up, and out popped her little boy holding two puppies – one under each arm. I immediately grabbed the first one I saw (Charlie), and thought, “Oh my…he is very cute, even tempered, and floppy!” I knew there was something in him that spoke to me. But…I figured I should set him down and watch the other pup just to be sure I really liked the first one. I watched both of the pups play, and immediately the other pup went over the lady and started chewing on her jeans at her ankle. I thought, “ok, nope, I definitely don’t want this dog. He’s going to chew up everything.”, Hiking in Utah with our Dogs
(April 11, 2012 - the day I brought Charlie home, 8 weeks old.)

I said, “I’ll take this one,” pointing back to Charlie. I paid her, and they pulled away. I got back into my car and all of the sudden I started to freak out, saying to myself “oh my gosh, I have my OWN puppy! I have my own puppy! This is so exciting!”, Hiking in Utah with our Dogs
(2012 - Charlie's first camping trip at 14 weeks.)

For names, I had already narrowed it down to two names before I even saw the puppies. It would either be Charlie or Cody. I figured I should at least get the dog, then pick out the name depending on what I thought he looked like. After I calmed down a little, I said to the puppy, “Ok we need to pick out a name for you.”

“Cody?” No response. “Cody?” None again.

“Charlie?” This time I got a look from him, and we locked eyes. I said, “Ok, that’s it! You’re a Charlie!” He definitely picked out his own name., Hiking in Utah with our Dogs
(2012 - On the Drinking Horse Trail in Bozeman, MT. Charlie was about 14 weeks old.)

As we drove home that day I said, “Charlie, I want you to know that you are going to be an outdoors dog. We are going to hike, camp, ski, and adventure together. You are going to learn to love the outdoors as much as me. I can’t wait to show you all the stuff the trails out there have to offer.”, Hiking in Utah with our Dogs
(2012 - Pine Creek Lake in Montana before the big forest fire. Charlie was about 6 months here.), Hiking in Utah with our Dogs
(Charlie in 2013, 1 year old)

Almost four years later and now in Utah, Charlie & I are still exploring the great outdoors together., Hiking in Utah with our Dogs
 (2015 on Ibapah Peak, the highest point in the Deep Creek Mountains), Hiking in Utah with our Dogs
(2015 In the Deep Creek Mountains), Hiking in Utah with our Dogs
(2015 on Mt. Nebo, the highest point in the Wasatch Mountains), Hiking in Utah with our Dogs
We love desert adventures too! Red Canyon - 2018, Hiking in Utah with our Dogs
Charlie & I thank you for visiting our blog!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Alicia, I just stumbled upon your blog from Outside Found. I'm a blogger in northern Idaho looking to meet up with some other local outdoors/lifestyle bloggers every now and again. Everyone always talks about how tight the blogging community is, and in my 5+ years I haven't had that experience yet. Anyway, love your site (and Charlie!) would love to meet up and take the dogs for a hike sometime.


Alicia Baker said...

Awesome! Thank you for checking it out. I would love to meet up with you! I'm not in Idaho very often though...However I am planning on backpacking the White Cloud Mountain range this summer. Maybe during that time we could meet up? Let's keep in touch! - Alicia & Charlie

Mr. Skipper said...

What a wonderful site. I'm working on a two-week trip to Utah and sites like yours sure are helpful.

Alicia Baker said...

Awesome, thank you for checking it out! Email me if you have questions about certain areas or hikes you are looking into :) - Alicia

Unknown said...
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Robert Cox said...

Awesome blog! Im so glad I took the time to read it. I recently started hiking, and can't stop. I did over 100 miles in July and need to go more. I'm interested in the s.l.c. area. I did blanche twice and loved it. If you ever want a hiking buddy I would be happy to accompany you! Robbie :)

Alicia Baker said...

Thank you! Wow, 100 miles in one month - that it fantastic! Maybe I will run into you on the trails! -Alicia

Jessica said...

Alicia, you rock! I stumbled across your blog while looking for new (to me) hikes. I don't have a dog but want to hike alone, can you give some safety tips? Charlie is so cute btw!

Alicia Baker said...

Hi Jessica! So glad you found my blog - hope it gives you some new trail ideas in the SLC area :) I sometimes hike alone when dogs aren't allowed on certain trails. Two things I do to feel safe 1) carry bear spray (I've never had to use it but it does give me piece of mind that I could protect myself) 2) play music (I don't wear earphones, I will just stick my iphone into my sports bra so it plays close to my ears but I am still able to hear my surroundings. Plus it gives any animals nearby notice that I'm walking by). Hope this helps! See ya on the trails - Alicia

hobblecreekkid said...

Just found your site. Great info. I'm not sure if you have ever read it but "travels with Charlie" by John Steinbeck is a classic for anyone with wonder lust. Also quite fitting to your blog.

Alicia Baker said...

Thank you! YES! I just got that book for Christmas, and it's sitting on my bookshelf. Can't wait to read it :) Alicia

Solitude-Freedom-Live said...

Hello Alicia, I was recently down in Price, Utah, and came upon your blog regarding Gordon Creek Trail. I'm glad you mentioned it in your blog; it was a nice little waterfall to visit in a short time. Thank you, and keep up the posts. Bryce

Solitude-Freedom-Live said...

Hello Alicia. I was down in Price, Utah recently for some hiking and ATVing, and I came across your blog about Gordon Creek Trail. It was a nice little water fall to visit in a short time. Thank you, and keep up the good work! Bryce

Alicia Baker said...

Oh awesome! Thank you! And glad you found the waterfall - it's a fun little spot. -Alicia

Steve said...

I just read about your "Timp" hike and glanced at your introduction. Charlie is one lucky guy, I am sure he loves being an "Outdoorsy" dog and sure that he loves the adventures. Keep up the great work, your blog is really really informational and inspiring! I live in Yellowstone for 6-8 months out of the year so if you ever want to do some exploring here, let me know. I would be happy to show you around or point you in the right direction. Unfortunately there are only a couple of trails that are dog friendly but you can leave Charlie with Jack, my dog while you go exploring.

Thanks again for your insights and time you give to your blog.

Merry Christmas and have a Happy "2018"..

Yellowstone/Provo UT

Alicia Baker said...

AWw thank you! And thanks for the donation! My friend was just telling me we should go back to XC ski there soon...i'll have to make room in my schedule!

Thanks again - Alicia

Suzy Q said...

I love your blog, and Charlie.
Thanks so much.