Friday, October 30, 2015

Kanarra Falls

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Kanarra Falls
Kanarra Falls is a great Utah waterfall hike. You get to hike in a very accessible and beautiful slot canyon, a chance to walk in the river on a hot day, and see several beautiful waterfalls. The biggest downside to this hike is the crowds - it has become a big issue in the past year or so (read about the issues going on here). Kanarra Falls is the perfect stop for amateur photographers looking for professional photo opportunities. This is also a great family hike - it requires only a 2-3 hours, no equipment or gear is needed, nor a high level of hiking skill. Even the kids will love this hike! You'll want to be sure to wear sturdy, water shoes as most of this hike is in the river. 

**Warning: Do not hike this trail if is is raining, or there is nearby rain due to flash flooding**

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Head south on I-15 past Cedar City, UT. Take exit 51 towards Kanarraville, UT. Turn left onto E 100 N St. Follow this road to the very end (about 2-3 blocks), and turn left into the parking area.

Distance: 3.5 mi to 1st waterfall, 3.7 mi to 2nd waterfall, & 4.4 miles (all round trip) to the turnaround
Elevation gain: 700 ft
Time: 2-3 hours
Dog friendly? No. As of 2018, dogs are not allowed on this trail!
Kid friendly? Yes!
Permits: No permit required, however there is a $10 parking fee.

Kanarra Falls trail head
This is the trailhead and parking area. The parking lot can hold around 30 cars. The sign says this is a "difficult hike", but I don't agree with that.
Kanarra Falls
                             Walk past these water tanks.
Kanarra Falls
Then over these exposed pipes.

Kanarra Falls
1st stream crossing.
Kanarra Falls
2nd stream crossing.
Kanarra Falls
Finally, the entrance to the slot canyon!
Kanarra Falls
Just around the corner is the first waterfall. Many people climb this ladder, then turn around. However the best part is coming, so keep going!
Kanarra Falls
This open area is great for taking a snack break, and enjoying these small falls.
 Kanarra Falls
My favorite part - the 2nd waterfalls! This is one of the most photographed waterfalls in Southern Utah, and one of my favorite spots in Utah. It's so beautiful!
Kanarra Falls trail map
 Here are two map views to help guide you.
Kanarra Falls trail map


Jennifer Morgan Dearinger said...

Thinking of going this weekend. Any idea how cold the water is? Are water shoes warm enough?

Alicia Baker said...

My friend went a few weeks ago and said the water was freezing - I highly recommend wearing neoprene socks to keep your feet warm. -Alicia