New Blog Name & Website!

So you might have seen me and Charlie on our other blog, Girl on a Trail. I've had a few hiccups with the domain name and not being able to access it. Long story short, the person who set it up for me is not able to help with this issue, and I'm being forced by GoDaddy to set up a new domain name. So, Girl on a Trail is now "Girl on a Hike". I felt this name was similar enough to the original name for people to not really notice. You'll see that I have to start over with all my blog posts. Believe me - this is frustrating as HELL! I put about 8 months of work into the other blog, and since I can't access those posts, I will be basically starting over. I am hoping that if I am (ever) able to gain access to the old site that I can merge these two blogs and get all my old posts back. I am also switching from using WordPress to Blogger. I am hoping that Blogger is more user friendly, and will require less coding to customize my site. 

I'm hoping you enjoy the new face lift I've give my blog and new look to the name & photo at the top. Charlie told me he approves ;)

Stay tuned for posts, and happy hiking!

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