Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

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DAR Photography, Girlonahike, Jessie Medina Co.
 Happy Thanksgiving!
Charlie and I had a wonderful Fall. 
Life has it's ups and downs but in the end I'm always thankful for what I have and that Charlie is in my life. He is my best buddy, my adventure partner, my snuggle bug, my confidant, and my furry four-legged child. 

Thanksgiving should not be the only day of the year where we appreciate what we have. Be thankful for what you have everyday and you'll end up having more. 

My dear friend, Stephen Hatch, of Resources For Spiritual Growth, captures this thought perfectly.

"Thankfulness is not a kind of overcoat, to be worn and then shed one day a year. Rather, it is the very essence of a spirtual approach to life. A grateful attitude seeks continually to uncover the goodness lurking inside the difficult, and the deeper reality hiding within the realm of physically-perceived beauty. For our appreciation of light, color, curve and form acts as a kind of slingshot propelling us endlessly toward the innermost meaning of things.

DAR Photography, Girlonahike, Jessie Medina Co.
Thank you DAR Photography & Jessie Medina Company for taking amazing Fall photos with me and my baby, Charlie. you can also follow Jessie Medina Co on Instagram here, and DAR Photography here.

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