Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Malan's Peak

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Malan's Peak
Malan's Peak is a popular high point for Ogden locals to hike to on a regular basis. It's not the highest peak by any means at 6,916 ft, but it does provide great views of Ben Lomond Peak to the north, as well as the Ogden/Layton valley. It's a tough 5 mile hike that can be completed within 3 hours, making it an excellent choice for a "quick" early morning jaunt to get the dogs out, and get some exercise in. Be ready for a great leg workout!

 From SLC head north on I-15. Take exit 395 for US-89 North, and drive 13 miles. Turn right onto Harrison Blvd, and follow this for 4.5 miles, then turn right onto 27th St in Ogden. Drive to the very end, and park at the TH.

Distance: 5 miles round trip
Elevation gain: 2,040 ft
Time: 3-4 hours
Dog friendly? Yes, off leash
Kid friendly? Yes

Malan's Peak parking area
This is the parking area and TH start. Start by hiking to the left.
Malan's Peak trail
Follow these brown signs.
Malan's Peak trail
At this small "Y", veer right.
Malan's Peak trail
Once you reach the Bonneville Shoreline Trail sign, head left, and the trail will quickly wrap around to the right (East).

Malan's Peak trail
Follow signs for Taylor Canyon/ Malan's Peak.
Malan's Peak trail
You should reach this bridge after 30 minutes or so of hiking. Cross here. This is when the trail will begin to get really steep.
Malan's Peak trail
First overlook. 
Malan's Peak trail
You see another "Y" in the trail. They both meet at the same place, but going left is easier.
Malan's Peak
Finally on the summit! Awesome views looking north to Ben Lomond Peak and Ogden valley.
Malan's Peak
Charlie and I pose for our summit photo. To return, go back the same way you hiked up. 
Malan's Peak trail map
Here is the route. 


  1. Nice little hike. You can make a really nice loop by continuing on from Malan Peak up into Malan Basin and then follow the stream down to the waterfall that drops into "Waterfall Canyon". Shortly before the drop, you can route find your way southward down to a chute of scree and talus and scramble/slide down to the base of the falls. From there it's a relatively easy and popular trail back down to Mt Ogden Park. Also, from Malan Basin, I believe you can work your way on up to summit Mount Ogden and look down Snowbasin on the back side, though I've never done stretch of it yet, only the aforementioned loop when I was a teenager.

    I also remember there being a "Kristin Springs" along the trail going up Taylor Canyon there and thought it was cool because at the time I had a girlfriend named Kristin at the time. My wife's middle name is also Kristin, so... anyways, never did take a drink though.

    1. I have heard of making the loop as well, and not far past Malan's is the old cabin and clubhouse. There's plaque at the old Hotel location that shows Malan Heights Resort from 1893-1913. It included a two-story hotel, a sawmill, seven log cabins and a club house. Room and Board was $6 but you could also purchase a single meal for between $.35 and $.50. Crazy to think that there was once a hotel up there! - Alicia