REI Flex Lite Chair

REI Flex Lite Chair review
Let me start off by saying that I used to scoff at backpackers who carried chairs with them into the backcountry. My thought has always been, "just find a log to sit on - why carry the extra weight?" and "tough backpackers like me don't need a chair." It wasn't until last year that I started to get lower back pain after doing really long day hikes or backpacking trips, that I started looking at various options to relieve the pain. At first, I bought REI's Sit Pad, which popped after it's first use. Thankfully REI gave me another one (it was within the time frame of when I could exchange it), but I still felt like I hunched over and had to balance on it. I'm still worried that it will pop again.

Some of my friends started buying different types of backpacking chairs, and through their purchases I was able to try out different kinds. The REI Flex Lite Chair seemed to be the best option for what I was looking for in a backpacking chair. 

Here's why I love it
It only weighs 1 lb 10 oz
Quick & easy set up 
4 legs provide stability
The mesh back helps dry sweat and let the breeze through
Small side pocket to keep a flashlight or book in

Usually the Flex Lite chairs runs about $80, but you can often find these on sale throughout the year. I got my purple chair on sale through for $50 simply because they were fading out the purple. Keep an eye on sales, and grab yourself one of these before they no longer make them.

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