Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Iron Canyon

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Iron Canyon trail, Park City, Utah
Iron Canyon in Park City, Utah is the "local's secret" for a beautiful, secluded trail that overlooks the Park City valley and the ski resorts. On a clear day you can see all the way out to the Uinta Mountains. The trail is more popular in winter as a fun sledding spot, but my favorite time to go is in early Summer when 
everything is turning green again. Most of the mountain is on private land, but the Iron Canyon trail allows for public access. The most difficult part about this hike is the parking - there are only 4 legal spots, and in summer months they are often filled by the neighbors throwing parties. Weekends and warm days will be harder to get parking, so I suggest hiking here during the week after work. Not only will you get in a quick work out, but also fantastic views.

From SLC, drive East on I-80 and take the exit for Kimball Junction (exit 145). Drive 5.2 miles, then turn Right at the light for Meadows Drive. Turn left on Aspen Springs Drive. Left on Delta Drive. Right on Iron Canyon Drive. Drive straight through the 4 way intersection.  At the "T" turn left on Iron Mountain Drive, then a right on Iron Canyon Drive again. You will see about 4 spots to park at, in between signs. You will need to park here, then walk up to the trail. The trail starts at the dead end, in the cul-de-sac, next to another "No Parking" and "No Hunting" sign.

Distance: 2 miles RT
Elevation gain: 920 ft
Time: 1-2 hours
Dog friendly? Yes, off leash
Kid friendly? Yes
Fees/permits? None

Iron Canyon trail, Park City, Utah
 The trail starts at the end of the cul-de-sac, by a No Parking sign. You'll immediately hike over an in-ground flat water tank cover. In Spring, this first section can be a bit muddy.

Iron Canyon trail, Park City, Utah
 At 0.10 miles, you will cut through the first open meadow.
Iron Canyon trail, Park City, Utah
 Don't forget to turn around and look at your views!
Iron Canyon trail, Park City, Utah
 Around 0.6 miles you will be hiking through dense pine trees. In summer and fall, this section is well shaded and beautiful!
Iron Canyon trail, Park City, Utah
 We were surprised at how much snow was still covering the trail in mid-April. We didn't bring our microspikes, but we were able to hike without them.
Iron Canyon trail, Park City, Utah
 At your first trail split, veer left to the rocky overlook. 
Iron Canyon trail, Park City, Utah
 At the overlook! You will see a memorial bench to sit on, and great views of the ski resorts and Park City.
Iron Canyon trail, Park City, Utah
 Taking in the view...
Iron Canyon trail, Park City, Utah
Charlie and I strike a pose. Although we just hiked this last night (April) this photo was taken in June 2015. It shows how green it can be!
Hiking Iron Canyon in Park City
Photo taken June 2017!
Iron Canyon trail map
 Route looking South West. 
The trail does continue past this overlook to the ridge. It will put you in a neighborhood. You can also take the Mid-Mountain trail, or hike up to Iron Mountain peak. To get to the ridge, simply go back to the trail split, and hike up (West) to the ridge.
Save me!
Hiking Iron Canyon, Park City, Utah, Hiking in Utah with Dogs


  1. Great hike! There is still a lot of snow. That's a good thing:)

    Alicia, I wasn't sure if you checked my reply comments on our blog, so I thought I would respond on your blog:) No, the Moab Rim is a different hike than the Splitrock Trail, which I have on my list thanks to you:) You start the hike at the Moab Rim parking area which is out Kane Spring Road. Shortly after the pavement ends and past the Moonflower Canyon there is a fake cattle guard and the parking area is a little passed there on the right. You can hike the road, which we did the first time, or take the trail which is actually easier if 850 feet in .8 of mile can be easier:) This can be a one way hike with two cars and you hike further into Behind the Rocks and the Hidden Valley which ends up being 6.4 miles. We are going to hike the whole trail at once with our friends next week.

    1. Thank you for the info! I will be adding this to my Moab hiking list! -Alicia