Thursday, April 7, 2016

Lisa Falls

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Lisa Falls, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
Lisa Falls is another super easy waterfall to reach, and is great for kids. This seemed to be the "week of waterfalls" for me. I also visited the Left Fork of Mill Creek and Faux Falls in Moab which are also both great for dogs and kids. Every time I drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon, I say "there's a waterfall over there - we should check it out!" But I never did...

Yesterday my friend and I skied at Alta for the last time of the 2016 season, and afterwards, I took this detour and finally made the quick jaunt up to Lisa Falls. I had plenty of daylight, no where to be until the evening, and it was just me. I knew it was short, but didn't realize just how short. I timed myself to see how long it took to reach the falls. A mere 3 minutes later - BAM! Lisa Falls was right there. A beautiful two layer cascade of spring run off. The best time to visit is when the snow is melting, around April, and would be a great "destination" hike for visitors/family looking for a scenic, easy walk.

From the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon drive 2.8 miles to a pullout on the left (North) side of the canyon. This is on a bend with yellow arrows between mile marker 6 & 7. If parking is full here, you can park on the South side of the road, but be careful crossing this popular road.

Distance: 0.10 miles one way
Elevation gain: 122 ft
Time: 5 minutes - 1 hour depending on how long you hang out at Lisa Falls
Dog friendly? No, this is in LCC which follows watershed rules
Kid friendly? Yes!

Lisa Falls, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
 The parking area. The trail starts in between the two upper yellow arrows.
Lisa Falls, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
 The trail is very well shaded.
Lisa Falls, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
 You will also be following a small stream on your left. 
Lisa Falls, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
 Parts of the trail begin to get rocky.
Lisa Falls, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
 At Lisa Falls, if you look across the canyon you can really see the "Y Couloir" (pronounced cool-arr). My boyfriend is an excellent backcountry skier, and likes to ski down that white stripe (couloir) on the left when it's filled in. This is also apart of Thunder Ridge.
Lisa Falls, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
Lisa Falls
Lisa Falls trail map, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
Trail map looking North.
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Hiking to Lisa Falls, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

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John and Pam ( said...

Charlie barely got warmed up for this "hike." But sometime simple, short, and easy are just right:)