Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Lambs Canyon

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Hiking Lambs Canyon, Utah
Lambs Canyon is located off I-80 after passing through Parley's Canyon, but before you reach Jeremy Ranch. Lambs Canyon is part of the county Watershed, and therefore, dogs are not allowed. There are multiple signs saying no dogs, and there was even a county sheriff patrolling the area as well, so don't even attempt to bring them up here. This is probably why even though I've lived in Utah for 3 years, but never hiked here, was because I can't bring my dog. But sometimes, you have to leave them at home, and since it was a very hot day, I felt ok to leave Charlie at home.

Lambs Canyon really has nothing extraordinary about it, except for all of the wildflowers in early Summer. I found about 9 different flowers right along the trail. The trail itself meanders up the small canyon through tall pine trees, and you can hear the stream most of the way, yet you will never hike near it. After 2 miles you will reach the ridgeline connecting to Millcreek Canyon. Most people turn around at the ridge, then head back down to their car, but another option is to continue down the trail until you reach Elbow Fork in Millcreek. This option would require a shuttle. Keep in mind that the Millcreek road doesn't open until July 1st, so if you do a thru-hike before then, you'll need to add on an extra 1.5 miles of hiking along the road or Pipeline Trail.

From SLC, head east on I-80 and take the exit for Lambs Canyon. At the stop sign, turn right, and drive 1.5 miles south until you reach the trailhead. Restrooms are available. This road is typically closed during winter, and reopens mid-May through mid-October.

Distance: 4 miles RT (to the ridge and back)
Elevation gain: 1,400 ft
Time: 2-4 hours
Dog friendly? No, dogs are not allowed on this trail
Kid friendly? Yes
Fees/permits? None
Hiking Lambs Canyon, Utah
Driving the road past the exit for Lambs Canyon. It's a narrow, paved road, so be careful around corners.
Hiking Lambs Canyon, Utah
The official TH sign is on your right, and parking is on the left.
Hiking Lambs Canyon, Utah
The trail heads south for a few minutes, and is very well shaded.
Hiking Lambs Canyon, Utah
However the trail quickly turns west, and you are exposed to the sun. It was VERY hot when we started hiking around noon, so it's best to hike here in the early morning to beat the summer heat.
Hiking Lambs Canyon, Utah
Tall pine trees lined part of the trail.
Hiking Lambs Canyon, Utah
A collage of the 8 wildflowers seen on the trail.
Hiking Lambs Canyon, Utah
You'll work your way up a few switchbacks, and eventually you'll climb enough elevation gain to see across the canyon.
Hiking Lambs Canyon, Utah
The last section of the trail before reaching the ridgeline.
Hiking Lambs Canyon, Utah
Finally on the ridge, with a view of the Oquirrh Mountains & SLC in the distance, and the darker Grandeur Peak just to the left of my head.
Hiking Lambs Canyon, Utah
Looking a little more south, you can clearly see Mt. Raymond (the pointy peak to the left).
Hiking Lambs Canyon, Utah
To continue down to Millcreek, it's another 2 miles. I wanted an out-n-back hike, and descended the way I hiked up.
Lambs Canyon trail map, Utah
Lambs Canyon trail map looking South.

You can also hike to Lamb's Canyon pass via Millcreek Canyon! This route is only 3.5 miles RT and is dog-friendly!
Hiking from Elbow Fork to Lamb's Canyon Pass
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Hiking Lambs Canyon, Utah


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