Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fifty Fifty 750ml Wine Growler

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Fifty Fifty 750ml Wine Growler

Fifty Fifty, based in Oregon, has created the best double wall, vacuum-insulated bottles and wine growlers. Made of 18/8 stainless steal, these bottles keep condensation at bay, all while keeping your favorite wine or mixed drink at the perfect temperature all day. Whether you store the wine growler in your backpack while hiking or skiing, you can count on the this growler to accompany you on any outdoor adventure.

Fifty Fifty 750ml Wine Growler
The Seven Fifty, appropriately named after 750 ml, is designed to hold one whole bottle of wine. If you feeling adventurous, try making homemade sangria or wine spritzers to take with you.

Fifty Fifty 750ml Wine Growler
The stainless steel screw on cap ensures that your favorite wine will not spill out into your pack or picnic basket. Wine Growlers are perfect for:

Trip to the beach
Outdoor Concerts

The Seven Fifty Wine Growler is available in 6 fun colors - Silver, Gold, Black, Burgandy, White, & Red.
Fifty Fifty 750ml Wine Growler
 The Fifty Fifty 750 ml wine growler is perfect for my sunset hikes! It fit right into my REI 18 Flashpack. By the time I got to my destination, my drink was still ice cold. My other favorite thing about these wine growlers? No condensation! I also have their 25 oz water bottle, and it literally keeps ice inside for up to TWO days! I've had it for two years, and it absolutely my favorite bottle.
Fifty Fifty 750ml Wine Growler
 Charlie approved!
Fifty Fifty 750ml Wine Growler
Not a wine fan? You can also used the growler with your favorite mixed drink. This summer I really got into make homemade mules - moscow, ginger, whiskey, you name it! My favorite out of all the kinds I tried was the Gin Mule. The recipe is pretty simple: 1 shot Gin (my favorite is Old Tom, which has a hint of vanilla), 1 bottle Ginger Beer, and a 1-2 lime wedges. Add ice, shake, and it's ready to go! It's not overly sweet yet refreshing - perfect for summer! 
Fifty Fifty 750ml Wine Growler
Fifty Fifty Bottles can be found at REI, Bed, Bath, & Beyond,  Amazon, as well as their website

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