Friday, January 6, 2017

Off-Leash Trail List

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Utah's ULTIMATE Off-Leash Trail List

Want to know all of Utah's most popular trails you can hike with your dog off leash?

If you are like me and love hiking with your dog, then you NEED this checklist. This Ultimate Checklist will help you keep track of where you been and where you've still need to go. Already hiked a few of these? Make a new goal and check off one per week!

Download your FREE checklist here

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Utah's ULTIMATE Off-Leash Trail List


  1. I was hoping you might have a little advice for me. I have a dog that runs away (I've had her for seven years, it's just her breed no matter what, she runs away when in the mountains.) Did you even have a situation where Charlie ran away while hiking out in the great open? I want to go on all these fun hikes but I can't imagine enjoying the outdoors without my dog. But leash hiking is so crappy!! UUgh!


    1. Ooh that's a tough one. Charlie has never fully ran away from me. I started hiking with him when we has about 10 weeks old and he just learned to stay with me. You might think about getting one of those tracking collars so you always know where she is at. They look pricey, but it might be worth doing so you are not at a loss of where she's run off too. Just from doing a google search I found this top website for them ( You may want to also call up a local dog trainer and ask if they have any classes that can help with off leash training. Hope this helps! -Alicia

    2. Hey sorry to butt in but I have a malamute and he used to be a notorious runaway. I started using a shock collar and now he sticks right with me because you can buzz them for going a little too far from you. This is the one I use...

      Its for two dogs but there are plenty of good ones for one dog as well. I like this one though because it has a vibration setting too which is actually more useful for my rottie/husky because she doesn't seem to care which you shock her but if you do the vibration she immediately responds.

      -Heather @