Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Jug Handle Arch & Petroglyphs

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Jug Handle Arch & Petroglyphs
Jug Handle Arch probably ranks pretty low on the "Arches list" if there is such a thing. However, what this arch lacks in grandeur makes up for itself for a worthy stop to check out the petroglyphs along the south facing cliff wall. Don't expect much from Jug Handle Arch, but if you happen to be on HWY 191 following the Colorado River or hiked either Jeep Arch or Corona Arch it makes for a good extra, quick stop since it's only 3.5 miles past the trail heads.

Use this map if you are driving from Moab.

Since this isn't really a hike, it's more of a "explore on your own" area, there is no trail info. This is dog and kid friendly. No restrooms are available.

Jug Handle Arch & Petroglyphs
You can easily see Jug Handle Arch from the road on your right (West) side of the road.
Jug Handle Arch & Petroglyphs
The petroglyphs are located along the cliff wall. Minimal scrambling is needed to climb up to them.
Jug Handle Arch & Petroglyphs
Another view of Jug Handle Arch looking East.
Jug Handle Arch & Petroglyphs
Charlie says he is on Chapter 2 of his petroglyph readings!

This was the biggest petroglyph panel we found.
Jug Handle Arch & Petroglyphs
You should be able to see the parking area the entire time while you explore. The road heading West will actually take you all the way over to Dead Horse Point State Park.
Jug Handle Arch & Petroglyphs
Taking in our view!

This is a very short, "stop and look" kind of area. But hey, I checked it off my list so that always makes me feel accomplished! If you wanted something really easy for the kids to do, this would be perfect. 
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Jug Handle Arch & Petroglyphs


John and Pam ( said...

We've been up Long Canyon road several times and never knew about the petroglyphs by Jug Handle Arch! Thanks!!

There is a great panel right along the road but one would never see if you didn't know where to look. Check out our post from April 2016 for some directions of you are back in the area.

Lesley Mcgough said...

Beautiful! Love it!

Alicia Baker said...

Dang it, now I need to go back! -Alicia