Friday, December 29, 2017

Limber Flag Yurt Trip

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Limber Flag Yurt, Utah, Yurts of Utah
The Limber Flag Yurt is in the far East Uintas, roughly 33 miles north of Vernal, Utah and only 16 miles south of the Flaming Gorge Dam Visitor Center. The Limber Flag Yurt overlooks the Uinta Basin, and Red Fleet State Park area to the South - at night you can acutally see Vernal's city lights! To get to this yurt requires a 3 mile hike (no motorized travel is allowed December - March). You can snowshoe or ski, though I don't recommend skiing here unless this area has a really big snow year. Otherwise you'll have to constantly pick up your skis to cross logs and low sage brush. 

I had made a reservation for 2 nights here, but on the morning that we were supposed to leave SLC got a huge snowstorm the previous day and all that day (2 ft at our house), making it impossible (or at least really dangerous) to make the 3.5 hour drive to the yurt. I was so bummed! We kept checking UDOT to see if the roads had improved, and instead all we saw were more and more accidents on the highway. The next morning we had to snowblow another foot of snow from our driveway, but at least the roads were in much better condition, and because it took so long for us to dig out we didn't get to the trailhead until 2pm. We got to the yurt by 4:30pm with just enough daylight to spare to set up everything.

We literally stayed in the yurt for about 20 hours, but we made the best of our time! 

Kids would be able to hike this trail as well, but plan on 2-3 hours to reach the yurt. Sadly, dogs are not allowed in the Limber Flag Yurt.

You can get to the TH from I-80 through Wyoming, using this map
You can get there from HWY 40 and Vernal, UT, using this map

The trailhead for the Limber Flag Yurt starts from the Aspen Nature Trail parking lot on HWY 191. The road is paved the entire way, so you don't need 4x4 drive.

Distance: 3 miles one way
Elevation gain: 813 ft
Time: 1-3 hours to reach the yurt
Dog friendly? No, dogs are not allowed at this yurt
Kid friendly? Yes!
Fees/Permits? Yes, see below
GPS location of yurt:
40.74421, -109.44190
Altitude: 8,900 ft

How can I make a reservation?
Reservations typically open in October, and can be made online through Everything is done online, and once you make a payment you will get an email notification with all the yurt info on there and your reservation number. The forest ranger should call you a few days ahead of your reservation to give you the lock code to get inside the yurt. 

How much does it cost to stay at the yurt?
The yurt cost $50/night, plus a $10 transaction fee, so for two nights it was $110.00.

How many people can stay in the yurt?
You can sleep a max of 8 people, though I don't recommend bringing 8 people. The yurt is small and you want some room to put all of your gear. I feel like 6 is a good amount, especially if you have a lot of gear.

What does the yurt provide?
The yurt is equipped with bunks (this one has double mattresses), a propane stove (propane is included), kitchen utensils, and plenty of firewood. 

Is there water access?
No. There is no running water nor a nearby stream to filter water. You either need to carry it all in, or melt snow, then filter.

What should I bring?
-Your own sleeping bag and pillow
- toilet paper (a few rolls so you can leave some behind for the next group)
- food & alcohol
- games or cards
- really thick socks, slippers, or down booties for inside the yurt
- firewood is provided but you need firestarter & a lighter
your own sponge, biodegradable soap, and towel to clean dishes
 - trashbags (everything must be packed out)
- any other entertainment you want!

Limber Flag Yurt, Utah, Yurts of Utah
The trail starts to the right of the port-a-potty - follow the blue diamonds.
Limber Flag Yurt, Utah, Yurts of Utah
Within 5 minutes you'll cut through a gate (make sure to close it behind you!), and you'll see the large blue sign for the yurt.
Limber Flag Yurt, Utah, Yurts of Utah
The trail hikes through a really pretty Aspen area. You can see nobody had been to the yurt since the most recent snow storm. We were making fresh tracks in 4-5 inches of snow, but it wasn't quite deep enough for snowshoes.
Limber Flag Yurt, Utah, Yurts of Utah
Cross another road, and follow the tall blue pole.
Limber Flag Yurt, Utah, Yurts of Utah
Eventually the trail turns North, and will head down this small hill. You can see where the trail is from here.
Limber Flag Yurt, Utah, Yurts of Utah
Cross through gate #2.
Limber Flag Yurt, Utah, Yurts of Utah
And almost halfway to the yurt, cut through gate #3 (the last one).
Limber Flag Yurt, Utah, Yurts of Utah
 The one "steep" section along the trail. It's not really that steep, but when you are carrying a heavy backpack it sure feels like it's steep!

For the outdoor ladies - I love my Polartec Fleece Headbands from FitnessFox for hiking/snowshoeing in winter! Keeps my ears warm but lets the heat escape my head. Perfect for winter activities. I don't make any money off of letting you know about them - I just absolutely love these headbands! 
Limber Flag Yurt, Utah, Yurts of Utah
Keep following the blue diamonds.
Limber Flag Yurt, Utah, Yurts of Utah
There's a very faint, small brown sign that says "To Yurt". Turn right here.
Limber Flag Yurt, Utah, Yurts of Utah
When you see Trail 1170, you are within 5 mintues of the yurt!
Limber Flag Yurt, Utah, Yurts of Utah
Yay we made it in 1 hour 35 minutes!
Limber Flag Yurt, Utah, Yurts of Utah
Christmas Day with my love!

(I swear we didn't coordinate the lime green & blue LOL!)
Limber Flag Yurt, Utah, Yurts of Utah
View from the deck! There was plenty of firewood to keep the wood burning stove going. I recommend bringing your own knife, saw, or axe to make kindling.
Limber Flag Yurt, Utah, Yurts of Utah
The outhouse. Remember to bring your own toilet paper!
Limber Flag Yurt, Utah, Yurts of Utah
Inside the Limber Flag Yurt
Limber Flag Yurt, Utah, Yurts of Utah
My favorite part of this trip was the sunrise!
Limber Flag Yurt, Utah, Yurts of Utah
It was a short trip, but we still had fun. Next yurt trip will be Winter 2018!

Trail map

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