Guest Post: 4 Tips to Make Hiking with Your Partner the BEST!

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4 Tips to Make Hiking with Your Partner the BEST!
Hiking with your significant other, best friend, or just a last minute person can be so great. But it can also be a drag if you don't plan things right or if you don't know what the other person wants to do. Here are some tips to make sure you get the most out of enjoying your hike with your adventure partner!

4 Tips to Make Hiking with Your Partner the BEST!
#1: Establish Mutual Expectations
      Nothing is worse than starting off your trip not knowing what's going on. Make sure you designate one person who is in charge of the planning process, and the other is charge of the preparation. For example, if you want to hike Angel's Landing in Zion, make one person in charge of finding out what time you should arrive, research about how much time it will take you to hike, and plan where to park, etc. The other person should be in charge of snacks, making sure you have enough water, emergency supplies, and whatever else you deem necessary.

4 Tips to Make Hiking with Your Partner the BEST!
#2: Understand Each Other's Wants
     What does your hiking partner want to experience on this trip? Do you know? Maybe you want to find a waterfall and spend some time there, while they want to hike straight to the peak quickly as possible. The more you know what the other person wants, the more enjoyable your hike will be. 

4 Tips to Make Hiking with Your Partner the BEST!
#3: Be Willing to Compromise
     Sometimes you both want to do different things but only have so much time to accomplish what you want to do. Make sure you agree on what the best options are, and stick to it. There's always another day to hike and see new things! 

4 Tips to Make Hiking with Your Partner the BEST!
#4: Consider Their Physical/Emotional Abilities 
      Andy and I both have different physical and emotional abilities, especially when it comes to hiking. Andy could probably bang out a 5 hour hike with little to no resting, while it would take me quite a bit longer to get up the mountain. Make sure you take care of one another and take as many breaks as you need. No need to rush! If you are both new to hiking, be vulnerable enough to say what you are comfortable doing and what you aren't. It's better to communicate than to push yourself too hard and hurt yourself. 

We promise if you think about these things before you hike, you will totally have a better experience. It takes a little while to get used to your hiking partner's expectations/needs, but as long as you keep at it, you will find a good flow for both of you. Good luck on your next hike and most importantly, remember to enjoy the view together wherever you go! 

4 Tips to Make Hiking with Your Partner the BEST!Andy and Sadie Nielsen started Hikrlife in 2016. Their goal is to invite everyone to get outside and hike. They live in Utah and try to hike in as many places as possible. 
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