Hiking the Anazasi Trail (Tempi'po'op), St.George

Hiking the Anazasi Trail (Tempi'po'op), St.George, Utah
The Anasazi Trail (aka Tempi'po'op, which means "rock writing" in Southern Paiute) in St.George is a casual trail that leads to ancient Pueblo & Paiute remains, as well as petroglyphs. This is more of a walk, rather than a hike, and is great for the whole family to do since it is only 2.2 miles RT. There is zero shade nor water, and the trail gets hot quickly. If you bring your dogs make sure to start early in the day so they don't burn their paws. The path itself consists of long switchbacks, which lead you to a very small hill where the old farmstead was located, and is now fenced off. After checking that out, continue walking uphill (to the South) to see the petroglyphs. 
From St.George, head North on HWY 18, then turn left on Bluff St (HWY 8), which turns into Sunset Drive. Once you see Pioneer Parkway intersect from the right, and continue straight 1.6 miles until you see the brown sign for the Anasazi Trail and turn left. Drive another 1/3 mile until you see the parking lot on the left. A port-a-potty is available. 

Here's a driving map.

Distance: 2.2 mile loop
Elevation gain: 213 ft
Time: 1-2 hours
Dog friendly? Yes, off leash
Kid friendly? Yes!
Fees/Permits? None

Gotta get my sign photo!
The trail starts in the NE corner of the parking lot. You'll see a few side trails leave the main trail, but stay on the main section to do the whole loop.
Easy walking. 
Once you look back to the North the views are pretty nice!
Checking out the archeological site. To be honest, this was disappointing - you can hardly see any of the old remains of the pueblo.
We kept walking to find the petroglyphs.

Here we go - much better! I was way more interested in the petroglyphs on this walk. 
Walk around the rocks to keep finding more.
So cool!
My favorite view from the walk.
After walking around the rocks, take the shorter route back to the car to cut off some time, making a loop.

Check out my video on our trip here!

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Hiking the Anazasi Trail (Tempi'po'op)

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