Visiting Toquerville Falls

Visiting Toquerville Falls, Utah Waterfalls
Toquerville Falls is located near St.George in Toquerville, UT. The falls flow from La Verkin Creek over two pour offs - the first a cascade of falls, and the second a complete drop off to about 20 feet to the bottom of the creek. No hiking is required, but you better have a 4x4 car. The sign along the road says "4x4 recommended", but there's no way anything less will make it. The dirt road is only 5.3 miles, but driving it will take you around 45 minutes. We drove a Tacoma and put it in 4-wheel drive several times, all while driving very slow.  

The drive is worth it though, as you follow the Hurricane Cliffs to the West, and Smith Plateu to the East. Coming here during Winter or after a rain would not be an ideal time to visit, as the road could be very wet and muddy. All other seasons area great, with high run-off in Spring (what we experienced). In summer, expect hundreds of people cooling off in Toquerville Falls! This area is great for the whole family, especially if you like to ride ATVs or dirt bikes.

From I-15 take exit 27 towards Toquerville, UT, driving East on UT-17. Turn left on Spring Drive. Reset your odometer to 0, and drive 5.8 miles along this road. Once you reach the green sign, the dirt road begins and you will now need 4x4 drive. This drive will take about 45 minutes to reach the falls from the sign.

You can use this driving map, however Google doesn't understand where the falls are. Use my map provided below for an accurate drive.

Distance: There is no hiking required
Dog friendly? Yes, off leash but be careful of strong currents
Kid friendly? Yes
Fees/Permits? None

Visiting Toquerville Falls, Utah Waterfalls
Ready for some off roading! Toquerville Falls are 5.3 miles from this sign.
Visiting Toquerville Falls, Utah Waterfalls
Wow, what a pretty drive! The brown mountain to the right is the Smith Plateau. Some sections of road were completely flat and easy to drive. The road is a single lane, so you still have to go slow in case you need to share the road.
Visiting Toquerville Falls, Utah Waterfalls
The Hurricane Cliffs ahead. If you have an ATV you can explore much more of this area.
Visiting Toquerville Falls, Utah Waterfalls
After a beautiful drive we reached the falls! We were surprised to see ATVs and people on the other side of the creek. I wasn't aware of another route to get here, but if you do some research and want to take an ATV this way, I'm sure it would be really fun. 
Visiting Toquerville Falls, Utah Waterfalls
You can see the falls were brown from the recent rain and snow melt from up high. There was no way we were going to get wet today or try and cross it.
Visiting Toquerville Falls, Utah Waterfalls
The large pour off that is roughly 20 ft high. Can't believe how fast the water was raging!
Visiting Toquerville Falls, Utah Waterfalls
Charlie dipped his toes in the water, but I kept him back from going out too far. I was concerned about the strength of the current and didn't want him falling over the lower falls. I think he still had a good time!
Visiting Toquerville Falls, Utah Waterfalls
So glad I finally got to see this place - it's been on my list forever!
Visiting Toquerville Falls, Utah Waterfalls
I would love to come back in the Fall when the leaves have turned red and yellow yet would still be warm enough to play in the water. Until next time!

Check out my Youtube video on my 3 day trip to St. George!

Driving Map, starting from the green sign.

Hiking the Red Mountain Trail, St. George, Utah

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