Monte Cristo Yurt Trip

Monte Cristo Yurt, Yurts of Utah, Utah Yurts
The Monte Cristo Yurt is one of Utah's newest yurts! You guys know I love yurts - every year my partner and I stay in a different location as we love exploring new terrain, staying in unique living spaces, relaxing and playing games, as well as venturing out on our skis to survey the land. Well this year I knew I had to jump on the opportunity to reserve the Monte Cristo Yurt - our reservation isn't until March, but I wanted you all to know about it asap so you could get up there too this winter season!

This yurt is quite large - 24 ft in diameter with plenty of room to sleep 10 people. Dogs and kids will enjoy the easy & groomed 6.5 mile ski or snowshoe in before relaxing by the fire. It is located between Monte Cristo and Hardware Ranch, UT, tucked into a grove of trees set up on the hillside so it provides amazing 360 degree views with stunning sunsets. There is a long, steep hillside just east of the Yurt - perfect for tubing or short shots of backcountry skiing.

We can't wait to stay here! Make your reservation now!

Specific driving instructions will be provided upon reservation, but the Monte Cristo Yurt is about an hour East of Ogden, UT or 30 minutes North of Huntsville, UT.

Distance: 6.5 miles one way
Elevation gain: ~300 ft
Time:  3-4 hours one way
Dog friendly? Yes!
Kid friendly? Yes
Fees/Permits? Reservations are required - see below.

How can I make a reservation?
Reservations can be made on Air B&B! Search for "Monte Cristo Yurt". You will get an email with the lockbox code to access the yurt as well. You can also make a reservation on

How much does it cost to stay at the yurt?
The yurt cost $140/night + Air B&B fees. 

How many people can stay in the yurt?
You can sleep a max of 10 people, though I don't recommend bringing 10 people. You want some room to put all of your gear. I feel like 8 is a good amount, especially if you have a lot of gear.

What does the yurt provide?
The yurt is equipped with two queen and six single bunks, a propane stove (propane is included), kitchen utensils, and plenty of firewood. 

Is there water access?
No. There is no running water nor a nearby stream to filter water. You either need to carry it all in, or melt snow, then filter.

What should I bring?
-Your own sleeping bag and pillow
- toilet paper 
- food & alcohol
- games or cards
- really thick socks, slippers, or down booties for inside the yurt
- firewood is provided but you need fire starter & a lighter
your own sponge, biodegradable soap, and towel to clean dishes
 - trash bags (everything must be packed out)
- first aid kit
- any other entertainment you want!
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Monte Cristo Yurt, Yurts of Utah, Utah Yurts
 Aerial view of the Monte Cristo Yurt in Fall.
Monte Cristo Yurt, Yurts of Utah, Utah Yurts
 Ooh, that evening glow on the deck!
Monte Cristo Yurt, Yurts of Utah, Utah Yurts
Plenty of room to hang up gear. The most popular activity in this area is snowmobiling in winter, and riding ATVs in the Fall.
Monte Cristo Yurt, Yurts of Utah, Utah Yurts
Lots of solar light for those long winter nights.
Monte Cristo Yurt, Yurts of Utah, Utah Yurts
Can't beat these Utah skies! 

Stay tuned for updates from our actual trip to the yurt so you can see what the trail is like and what our experience was like. 


Mill Hollow Backcountry Yurt

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Monte Cristo Yurt, Yurts of Utah, Utah Yurts

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