Gear Review: Lily Trotters Compression Socks

Gear Review: Lily Trotters Compression Socks

Lily Trotters is a women-based compression sock company, made for all athletes and any activity. Most people ask, "Aren't compression socks for old people or for those with medical conditions?" And the answer is no. Here's why you should consider wearing them, especially if you hike and/or run a lot. Compression socks make legs feel refreshed and energized by increasing blood flow from our legs to our heart, raising the blood oxygen level. In short, they minimize leg pain and cramping by reducing swelling in the ankles and feet. Most importantly, they can also help prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) - a life threatening blood clot that can occur in the legs.

Gear Review: Lily Trotters Compression Socks

Wearing compression socks just aren't for athletes. Many healthcare workers, pregnant women, travelers, or any type of job or activity where you sit or stand for long hours is beneficial to wearing these socks. It helps speed up recovery time and alleviate lactic acid build up during workouts. Compression socks are no longer the ugly beige "grandma" socks - they're now apart of everyday wear and a must-have for long flights. 

Lily Trotters founder, Susan, is not only the business owner, but also the designer! When she couldn't find compression socks that were thin enough to be a stylish sock yet strong enough for athletes, she decided to make them herself! In 2011, the company began, and they've been successful ever since.

How did I find out about compression socks?

I started running more this year on my own (thanks, COVID, for not letting me hike with a bunch of friends anymore!) and started to get really bad lactic acid build up in my lower calves especially on uphills. Now, I don't consider myself a "runner" by any means, I'm just jogging when I can and trying to get better at jogging elevation gain. But the burn was SO bad still! I saw my friend Jill posted about a discount code for compression socks for Lily Trotters (she's an ambassador!). So we got to talking and ultimately I bought a pair...and then another. I was amazed at how much better/faster my legs recovered.

I found over the course of wearing these that they weren't just for running, but for hiking as well. Most hikes I do in the Wasatch are fairly steep, and afterwards I don't feel as tired, I haven't gotten a leg cramp for a long time, and the soreness subsides much quicker.

Let's dive more into the features of Lily Trotters!

Gear Review: Lily Trotters Compression Socks
Lily Trotters comes in three styles - over the calf (my favorite, also the most popular), crew style, and calf sleeve.
Gear Review: Lily Trotters Compression Socks
Compression strength is measured as a range. Lily Trotters come in 15-20 mmHg, and anything above 20 mmHg requires a prescription from your doctor. The tightest compression point is at the ankle, followed by a decreased squeeze moving up the leg. This squeeze ensures blood flow towards the heart instead of the foot. This prevents blood from pooling in our ankles, returning it to the heart and lungs more efficiently than without compression. You can read more here.

Gear Review: Lily Trotters Compression Socks
Made of 93% Nylon and 7% spandex, Lily Trotters also has moisture-wicking and antimicrobial material. No more stinky, nasty feet after a run or hike.  
Gear Review: Lily Trotters Compression Socks
I love the over the calf (OTC) the best because that is where I tent to get the most lactic acid build up. The OTC is best for high mileage and/or big elevation gain days.
Gear Review: Lily Trotters Compression Socks
I do have one pair of the crew style and have found these are great for my shorter, every-day hikes under 4-6 miles RT. The crew style is also great for really hot days when you don't want your whole calf covered, yet still need a boost of circulation. 
Gear Review: Lily Trotters Compression Socks
I have also worn the crew style as my "camp socks" to recover after a hike while hanging out at camp.  I love that they are thin enough to fit with my Chaco Low Downs! I do take them off before I crawl into my sleeping bag though.
Gear Review: Lily Trotters Compression Socks
Lily Trotters also offers calf sleeves. Sleeves are meant to be worn while exercising to enhance performance and recovery time as well. However, you should NOT wear calf sleeves for extended periods of time while stationary. For me personally, the sleeves are my least favorite. I have worn them on shorter runs, but my issue is that I have to find socks that don't rub the bottom of the sleeve weird, so they have to be pretty low cut socks and then I get rocks/sand in my shoe. I could see the sleeves being super beneficial after a run, while wearing flip flops or other sandals to wear around camp to recover. Another thought is to just wear trail gaiters with these to keep debris out.
Gear Review: Lily Trotters Compression Socks
Reinforced toes and cushioned heels help prevent wear and tear on the socks. For care of socks I wash them normal, then hang dry. You can buy their socks on Amazon, but their website offers all styles. Be sure to use the code GIRLONAHIKE at checkout on their website for a 10% discount of their non-sale items.

- Moisture wicking material
- Antimicrobial treatment
- Reinforced toe/heel
- Increased circulation
 - Faster recovery 
- Prevention of DVTs
- Alleviate swollen legs and cramps
 - Pretty/stylish designs
- Fit & designed for women

I honestly can't think of any!
Gear Review: Lily Trotters Compression Socks
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Gear Review: Lily Trotters Compression Socks

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