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The Emigration Canyon Ridge sits directly in the middle of Parley's Canyon and Emigration Canyon, on the East side of SLC. The trail starts from the Little Mountain Summit, which is a popular spot for road cyclists and runners to end their day. This ridge is a rarely hiked and very few know the peaks, yet anyone who drives through Parley's Canyon has been just below the trail. The Emigration Canyon Ridge provides access to Dale Peak (7,367 ft) and Perkins Peak (7,491 ft). Hiking the ridge is very easy - no scrambling or technical skills are needed and it provides amazing views of the surrounding mountains and other ridges.

Hiking Lone Peak from the Cherry Canyon Logging Trail, Peak Bagging in Utah, Lone Peak Wilderness

Lone Peak (11,251 ft) is one of the tallest peaks along the Wasatch Front, and hovers over Draper, Utah. You can't miss this peak - it is clearly visible from both Salt Lake & Utah Counties. On a clear day, you can see this magnificent summit from 100 miles away. Hiking Lone Peak is almost a rite of passage for many hikers and especially Peak Baggers. Although Lone Peak is not one of Utah's 8 Ultra Prominence Peaks, it does rank 98th on a list of Utah Peaks with 500 ft of prominence and is on the list of the Wastach 11ers (peaks over 11,000 ft). This intense hike is not for everyone - you must be very prepared for any kind of weather, and most importantly, prepared for a super intense hike that will literally take you all day. The hard work will be worth it though, as Lone Peak offers one of the best 360 degree views around.