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Hiking the Moose Hollow Trail, Jeremy Ranch, Kimball Junction, Utah, Hiking in Utah with Dogs, Hiking in Park City, Utah

The Moose Hollow Trail near Jeremy Ranch/Kimball Junction is a lesser known hike that is perfect year-round - no worries about avalanche danger, great views of the area, dogs are allowed, it's never too steep, and it leads to a scenic overlook. This trail is very popular in summer with mountain bikers, so the best time to hike with dogs is winter to avoid having them get trampled on and prevents hikers from having to move out of the way less often.

Cross Country Skiing at Wasatch Mountain State Park

Wasatch Mountain State Park is located in Midway, Utah and offers activities year-round such as hiking, biking, riding horses, riding ATVs, playing at the 18-hole Golf Course, as well as snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and cross country skiing. You can also camp at the Pine Creek Campground in the summer months. Wasatch Mountain State Park (WMSP) is a 23,000 acre preserve, which was set aside by the state in 1961 and the park elevation is at 5,900 ft.

Hiking the 24/7 Connector Trail, Kimball Junction, Utah

The 24/7 Connector Trail in Kimball Junction, Utah is a very popular mountain biking trail, but is accessible year-round. The trail wraps around the elite Jeremy Ranch neighborhood, but is open to the public. Because this trail is so popular with bikes in warm months, Charlie and I hiked it in the middle of winter on New Year's Day so that we didn't have to worry about bikes flying down the trail. You may still see the occasional fat tire bike in Winter. Because this trail is in low-elevation terrain, it's totally safe from avalanche danger as well. In fact, this trail would make for a perfect trail run - not too steep, not too long. If you do plan on hiking with your dog in warm months, keep a leash handy and always move out of the way for mountain bikes.

Hiking to Diamond Fork Hot Springs in Winter

Diamond Fork Hot Springs is one of Utah's must-see places! Offering four pools ranging in hot temperatures, it's a great place to soak away your worries, take in nature, and relax. Hiking to Diamond Fork requires a 2 mile hike in Summer, and in Winter it's 6 miles one way. These hot springs are extremely popular so don't count on getting any alone time. However, the hike in and soak is well worth it - you might even make some new friends depending which pool you sit in! Hiking to Diamond Fork Hot Springs in Winter does require more effort and planning, but in my opinion it's much more enjoyable in Winter and you get to see the canyon covered in snow. Pack your swimsuit, a thermos of hot tea or cocoa, and get ready to soak!