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Hiking the Lower Hackberry Canyon Narrows, Cottonwood Road Scenic Byway, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

Lower Hackberry Canyon is located in Southern Utah of the famous Cottonwood Road Scenic Byway, in between Cannonville and Big Water, Utah. It's rarely visited since you need to drive down a dirt road to get to the trailhead. However, it's now one of my favorite large slot canyons to hike for a few reasons: 1) the water is never more than ankle deep and makes for a great water hike 2) dogs are allowed and also enjoying playing in the water 3) no matter what your level/skill of hiking is everyone can do this hike 4) you'll likely see no people and 5) you can choose your distance.

Driving through Valley of the Gods, Utah, Best Utah Scenic Drives

Valley of the Gods is a scenic backcountry area in Southeastern Utah, near Mexican Hat, UT. It's a 17 mile point-to-point drive along a well graded dirt road that even small, passenger cars can drive. It is a beautiful area with scenery similar to the nearby Monument Valley, without the fees or tourists. Valley of the Gods offers views of isolated buttes, towering pinnacles and spires, and wide open spaces. Because of it's isolation, people exploring and driving through Valley of the Gods need to be well prepared and self-sufficient and carry emergency supplies. Have a full tank of gas and plenty of water at the minimum.

Hiking to Jeep Arch, Moab

Jeep Arch, located only 15 minutes from Moab, Utah is one of the many amazing arches this area has to offer hikers. Its neighbor, Corona Arch, sees thousands of people a year yet Jeep Arch is a mere 0.3 miles down the same road and sees way less people. From it's name, you'd think it's a stop along the annual Jeep Safari routes, however no motorized vehicles (nor mountain bikes) are allowed on this trail. The arch got its name for the resemblance of a cut out of a cartoonish Jeep built into the natural sandstone.

Matador - Camera Base Layer

We wear base layers when hiking in the cold, why not put a base layer on your camera? Matador has created a unique cover, or base layer, to protect your camera while you are still able to as active in the outdoors as you always have been. No need to shove your camera down your pack anymore - keep the Matador Base Layer on hand, so you can capture that awesome shot at the perfect time without any pack hassle.

Hiking the Hidden Valley Trail, Moab

Hiking the Hidden Valley Trail right outside of Moab makes you feel like you are in a totally different place - look anywhere in Moab and the dominant sight is the Moab rim. It's known as "Behind the Rocks" - an interesting mix of sandstone fins, large rock walls, and domes. Is Hidden Valley really a valley? Not quite.  It's actually two hanging terraces that descends into Behind the Rocks and eventually widens into a 4-wheel drive road while a boot-beaten path detours along the base of a sandstone wall with petroglyphs.

Hiking the Onion Creek Narrows, Moab

Onion Creek is located off of HWY 128 near the gorgeous Castle Valley and Fisher Towers area - both excellent for hiking and climbing. Onion Creek actually extends for roughly 22 miles, but the best section, the Onion Creek Narrows, lasts for only 1 mile. Because of the short distance, it's a great hike (really more of a walk) for the whole family - dogs will appreciate the cool relief of the creek on a hot summer day.

Hiking the Amasa Back Trail, Moab, Utah, Hiking in Utah with Dogs, Hiking in Moab with Dogs

The Amasa Back Trail, like many in Utah, is an old road, more popular with mountain bikers, four-wheelers, and motorcyclists than hikers. Most people's attitude is, "Why hike when you can ride?" The easy answer is rather than being preoccupied with a machine, hiking allows you to connect with the earth directly, allows you to look up more often and take in the views, and (for me) more fulfilling than riding.