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ORCA Cooler Gear Review

ORCA Coolers are pushing the boundaries of innovation when it comes to insulation. We've all seen different versions of these coolers - durable, extremely well insulated, numerous sizes to choose from, and built to last. You may recognize the names Yeti, R-TIC, and Pelican to name a few, but what about ORCA? ORCA, which stands for Outdoor Recreation Company of America, is the newest company to the insulated cooler world, starting in just 2012. Based in Tennessee, this American-made cooler knocks out all other coolers out of the park. Whether you are looking for a cooler to bring to the park, on road trips, or hunting, you can count on ORCA to keep your food and drinks insulated for up to 10 days outdoors.

Hiking to Five Hole (Colonnade) Arch

Five Hole Arch (aka Colonnade Arch) is located south of Green River, UT off a rough 4x4 dirt road. The arch is so special it has two names - Five Hole Arch for the obvious five holes nature has created, and Colonnade Arch for the resemblance to Colonnade architecture (a row of columns supporting a roof). Some maps only show one or the other name, and some only label it as "Natural Arch". Whatever you prefer to call it, this arch is quite stunning once you find it.

Hiking the Moonshine Wash Slot Canyon San Rafael Swell

Moonshine Wash slot canyon is tucked away in the middle of the San Rafael desert, and is now one of my favorite non-technical slot canyons in Utah. The best section of the Moonshine Wash slot canyon lasts for about 1.5 miles, and at every nook and cranny the lighting can look very different and vibrant. There are a few chock stones creating a fun obstacle for hikers, where you have to use a down climbing technique called stemming (also chimneying). Both techniques require you to push your weight up against the slot canyon walls to help maneuver down drops more than 6 ft.

Hiking Notch Peak, Delta, Utah

Notch Peak (9,658 ft) is in Utah's West Desert near the town of Delta, Utah. Notch Peak is part of the House Range mountains and Notch Peak Wilderness Study Area. The northwest face of Notch Peak is also well known for having the 2nd tallest cliff face in North America with 2,200 ft of vertical rise, making it a popular spot for BASE Jumpers and climbers. The tallest cliff face is of course, El Capitan, in Yosemite National Park. Overall, the summit of Notch Peak rises roughly 4,500 ft above the Tule Valley. Because of this, Notch Peak has been called the "desert equivalent" of El Capitan.

Backpacking to Reflection Canyon, Lake Powell, Utah

Reflection Canyon is a side canyon of Lake Powell that was first brought to the public's attention when National Geographic photographer, Michael Melford, took an amazing photo of this canyon and wrote the article, Glen Canyon Revealed. Since then, Reflection Canyon has slowly become popular over the years as a "must see" location for photographers, backpackers, and hikers looking to explore this secluded area.

The End of Hole in the Rock Road, Camping at the End of Hole in the Rock Road, Southern Utah

Hole in the Rock Road runs from Escalante, Utah to the actual Hole-in-the-Rock on the Western shore of Lake Powell. It's a 62 mile dirt road that follows the general route of the original Hole in the Rock Expedition, when the Mormon trailblazers crossed the Colorado River and ended their journey in Bluff, Utah. The Hole in the Rock expedition established the trail in 1879, and has since become part of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, and within BLM Land.

10 Tips to Hike Safely at Night

Hiking at night offers a much different experience of your favorite trail compared to hiking in daylight. You start to hear sounds, see shadows, the trail might look different, and you may feel like someone, or something, is following you. Getting use to hiking at night takes some practice, and also requires a little preparedness. Whether you planned on hiking at night, or perhaps your 3 mile hike turned into a 10 mile hike, use these 10 Tips to Hike Safely at Night!