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Looking Glass Rock & Arch, Moab, Arches in Utah, Hiking in Utah with Dogs

Looking Glass Rock & Arch is off HWY 191, about 25 miles south of Moab, UT yet hardly anyone makes the stop to check out this cool spot. This isn't really a "hike" but more of a "walk", since you basically drive right up to it, then walk about 200 yards up to the arch. Yet what this small walk offers is one of the best arches and viewpoints in the area. There are so many cool arches outside of Arches National Park, yet nobody cares to explore them. Best part? Dogs are allowed!

Jug Handle Arch & Petroglyphs

Jug Handle Arch probably ranks pretty low on the "Arches list" if there is such a thing. However, what this arch lacks in grandeur makes up for itself for a worthy stop to check out the petroglyphs along the south facing cliff wall. Don't expect much from Jug Handle Arch, but if you happen to be on HWY 191 following the Colorado River or hiked either Jeep Arch or Corona Arch it makes for a good extra, quick stop since it's only 3.5 miles past the trail heads.

Live Infinitely Inflatable Air Lounger Gear Review, Best Air Lounger on Amazon

Looking for a fun, unique way to hang out while camping? Check out the Air Lounger by Live Infinitely! If you get back pain or just tired of sitting in a regular camp chair and want something different, the Air Lounger provides a way for you to sit or lay down anywhere, land or water. It only takes a few minutes to set up - both adults and kids can enjoy the views and campfire from a cozy spot!

Hiking in Hunter Canyon, Moab

Hunter Canyon is located in Kane Creek, in the area called Behind the Rocks in Moab. Hunter Canyon is home to Hunter Arch and a few petroglyphs (if you can find them), and is a great hike for the whole family - dogs and kids, included. This winding canyon is beautiful - tall sandstone cliff walls, pools of water, a flowing stream in spring (it dries out in Summer), shade here and there to cool off, and red rock towers. Hunter Canyon stretches for miles on end, but most people turn around at the 2 mile mark, where the canyon intersects with a fork with another canyon.

Hiking the West Ridge of Grandeur Peak

Grandeur Peak (8,299 ft and pronounced like "grand-er") is the one of the high points in Millcreek Canyon, and offers fantastic views of the SLC Valley and into Parley's Canyon. Most people hike from to the summit from Millcreek at the Church Fork Trailhead, since it's considered the "easiest" way to the summit. From Church Fork the trail is 6 miles RT with 2,900 ft. Want a challenge and a better workout? Hike the West Ridge to Grandeur Peak! Taking this route gains 3,300 ft in 4.4 miles RT. This route is not for the beginner hiker due to the steepness.

9 Items to Keep in Your Dog's First Aid Kit while Hiking

I've put together a list of the 9 Items to Keep in Your Dogs First Aid Kit, that you'll actually use! Humans have first aid kits, so why shouldn't your dog? When you are out hiking or camping there's always the possibility of your dog tearing it's paws, getting a dog bite, running into a stick or log, or getting allergies from an insect bite. You could easily buy a first aid kit from the store (and pay a lot of money for it), but making your own Pet First Aid kit is much cheaper, and you can put in the items you will actually use. It doesn't matter what time of year it is, always carry a first aid kit prepped for your furry friend. 

Best Dog Friendly Trails in Moab, Utah

Check out the 7 Best Dog friendly trails in Moab for you and your pack! Moab, Utah is an outdoor mecca, and gateway to several National Parks and Monuments, including Arches & Canyonlands, and Dead Horse Point State Park. Many people think that because these parks aren't dog friendly, that Moab isn't dog friendly. Listen up hikers - Moab is one of THE friendliest dog towns in Utah. All you have to do is hike outside the national parks, and your pup will be in hiking heaven. There are over 20 hikes that are dog friendly and off leash - I've picked out my favorites listed below.