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Hiking The Narrows, Zion National Park

The Narrows in Zion National Park is a must-do hike for any hiker looking to experience a slot canyon, hiking through water, and see gorgeous views that Zion is known for. You will not, however, have solitude as The Narrows is one of the most popular hikes in the Southwest, and especially in Utah. As the name "Narrows" implies, it's the narrowest canyon in Zion Canyon at only 20 feet wide and canyon walls over 1,000 ft high. This all time classic hike should not be missed on your trip to Zion!

Hiking to Hayden Peak, Uintas

Hayden Peak (12,479 ft) stands out for anyone who's driven along the Mirror Lake Highway in the Uintas. This rugged peak is quite intimidating from the road, but for Peak Baggers that's nothing to prevent us from climbing it. Hiking to the summit of Hayden Peak is NOT for the beginner hiker nor the beginner peak bagger. You should be comfortable hiking across narrow ridges, class 3 scrambles, and route finding. There is either a very faint, or non-existent trail. Though this route is only 2 miles one way, you'll gain a total of just over 2,000 ft. 

Hiking to Mill Canyon Peak, American Fork Canyon

Mill Canyon Peak (10,349 ft) sits on the backside of the Wasatch Mountains and offers amazing 360 degree views. For a 10,000 ft peak this is a relatively easy summit - there's a trail most of the way and no scrambling. You will likely not see another hiker which is great, but the biggest downside to this route is the amount of dirt bikes. We passed seven of them by 9am, and the noise and dirt they kicked up wasn't the best, and I had to make sure I moved Charlie far enough off the trail. However, if you can get past that you will get a huge reward in scenery and views on Mill Canyon Peak.

Backpacking to Ibantik Lake, Uintas

Ibantik Lake ("eye-ban-tick")  is located conveniently close to the Mirror Lake Highway in the High Uintas, and backpacking this route is perfect for beginner backpackers since it's a fairly short yet rewarding trail. It is a very popular lake to camp at, and therefore you won't have much solitude. The best things about this lake is how clear the water is, and you'll see plenty of mountain goats as Notch Mountain looms above you. The trail is really easy to follow, and is best done as a point-to-point route.