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Backpacking Buckskin Gulch - Wire Pass to White House, Backpacking Buckskin Gulch with Dogs

Buckskin Gulch is the longest and narrowest slot canyon in the world - a serpentine hallway with walls of solid stone and a floor dotted with boulders where in some places it's so tight, even the sky is not visible. The rock walls tower anywhere from 100-300 ft tall, and at it's narrowest, is only 2 feet wide. You can hike Buckskin Gulch in a single day, or carry a full pack and camp in the heart of the slot canyon - an experience only done by up to 20 people per night in the entire 45 miles slot canyon.

atHiking to Mt. Baldy from the Snowbird Tram

Mount Baldy (11,068ft) is the summit that divides Snowbird from Alta Ski Resorts, and is a short and easy summit, especially for newbie peak baggers. There's nothing technical about this hike, which also makes is great for kids looking to bag a few easy peaks. Advanced peak baggers often combine Mount Baldy with either a section or entire ridgeline of Little Cottonwood Canyon. But, if you are looking for something short you can take the Snowbird Tram up and hike 1 mile to this summit. Looking for something longer? Hike up from the base of Snowbird.

Hiking to Wild Horse Window Arch, San Rafael Swell, Uta

Wild Horse Window Arch sits in the heart of the San Rafael Swell near Goblin Valley State Park. This arch is actually visible from the road leading to Goblin Valley yet very few make the trek to this cool arch. There are several nicknames such as "The Eye of the Swell" and "The Eye of Sinbad". Older maps refer to it as Skylight Arch, but whatever you call it, it's worth the hour or two it will take to see this massive area. There's no official trail, and that's partially what makes this fun. You get to explore on your own, yet at the same time will be lead to a great destination.

Hiking the Crimson Wall Trail, Logan Canyon

The Crimson Trail (originally called the China Wall Trail) is located in Logan Canyon, and was referred to as such because of the long wall-like formation that lines both sides of Logan Canyon. The wall itself is mainly composed of limestone and quartzite, and offers a few challenging climbs for rock climbers. What attracts hikers to the Crimson Wall is its gorgeous views of Logan Canyon. The best time to hike this trail is in Summer or Fall when the snow is gone and the trail is dry. The trail is mainly north-facing, and therefore the snow and ice remains well into Spring.

Hiking to Grandview Peak from Killyon's Canyon

Grandview Peak (9,410 ft) sits at the Salt Lake/Davis County line and is one of the seldom visited peaks along the Wasatch Front. It's a long hike in from all directions, there's no water source, very little shade, and a little bushwhacking required. No matter which route you choose (described below), be prepared for a full 10-12 hour day. However, I've been staring at this peak for 4 years now, and I just HAD to knock it off my peak list. Wednesday night I was looking at the weather for the week, and it was supposed to have perfect blue skies, comfortable temperatures, and the Fall colors were also almost at their peak. 

Hiking to Ant Knolls Midway, Utah

Ant Knolls (9.852 ft) is a nice peak on the backside of the Wasatch Mountains, near Midway, Utah. The summit offers amazing views into American Fork Canyon, and into the Heber Valley. There are several starting points to reach the summit. The most popular is via Pole Line Pass along the Snake Creek Road, and is a mere 2 miles to the summit. We had all day to explore the area, so we started from Big Flat also along the Snake Creek Road. This extends the hike to 6 miles RT and also creates a small loop.