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Backpacking to Teal Lake & Mt. Marsell, Uintas

Teal Lake sits at an elevation of 10,400 ft, and is accessed via the popular Ruth Lake Trailhead. You will follow this trail for the first mile, and then after that there is no trail. You should be comfortable with a little route finding, and hiking off trail. The nice thing is that Teal Lake is a mere 2.2 miles, so you really only have to hike off trail for 1.2 miles. You'll pass a few unnamed ponds, Jewel & Naomi Lakes, then reach Teal Lake. There are several nice campsites at Teal Lake, and fishing is plentiful.

Hiking from Elbow Fork to Lamb's Canyon Pass

Elbow Fork in Millcreek Canyon is a popular trailhead for Mt. Aire, the Pipeline, and for accessing Lambs Canyon Pass, the dog-friendly way. Many people chose to hike up to Lamb's Canyon Pass via Lamb's Canyon, however that section of trail is part of the SLC Watershed, and dogs are not allowed. Going from Millcreek Canyon allows you to bring your dog, still access the ridge, and get great views. My favorite time of year to hike here is Fall, but it's accessible year-round. In Winter the hike will add on an additional 1.5 miles one way, since the winter gate is closed. There is one stream crossing over a bridge, and the dogs love to stop here for a drink. Otherwise the trail is dry and steep, but well-shaded.

Gilbert Lake is located in the High Uintas Wilderness on the East end of the range, with Gilbert Peak (13,442 ft) being one of Utah's "13ers" (a peak above 13,000 ft). It is the 3rd highest peak in the state, and the second highest county high point, and can be access by several drainages, with Henry's Fork being the most popular, however we accessed it from Gilbert Lake. The trail to Gilbert Lake follows the West Beaver Creek trail for 9.2 miles before reaching the basin which has four lakes total, great campsites, lots of wildlife, and of course, fairly "easy" access to the peak.