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Cross Country Skiing at Sundance Nordic Center

The Sundance Nordic Center is located right next to the Sundance Ski Resort, in American Fork Canyon. There are 15 k (9.3 miles) of groomed ski trails, and 10 k (6 miles) of snowshoe trails. I had all day to explore, so my goal was to try and ski all 9.3 miles of trail! I was pretty close, coming in at 7 miles for the day, only because one of the trails was closed due to recent avalanches. Sundance Nordic offers trails for all skill levels, and all trails wind through pristine backcountry. Sundance Nordic sits at 7,000 ft, and the surrounding views can't be beat. Grab your skis (or rent!) and a trail map, and let's go!

Hiking the Tibble Fork Loop Trail, American Fork Canyon, Utah

 The Tibble Fork Loop Trail (trail #041 & #040) is located in American Fork Canyon, and starts at the Tibble Fork Reservoir, hence the appropriate name. This hike can be done year round, but I find it to be the prettiest during Winter when the trees are laden with snow, the reservoir is frozen over, and the trail offers a certain quietness. The trail steadily gains elevation for the first 2 miles, cuts through an amazing aspen grove and open meadow, then connects back to the Tibble Fork stream and main parking lot.

The 3 Easiest Hikes in Salt Lake City, Utah

Looking for the three easiest hikes in Salt Lake City? 
Look no further. I've created this list for those wanting to take the kids out for a short hike, those that may not have enough time for a longer or harder hike, or those with families visiting SLC that want to view pretty scenery but aren't up for a full day of hiking. These 3 hikes range from 5 minutes to 2 hours, and can be hiked year round. No matter how long or short your hike, be prepared with at least one bottle of water per person, a small snack, and sun protection. Grab your hikin' boots, and let's hit the trails!

Hiking to Scout Falls - in Winter!, Riding a Fat Tire Bike for the first time

Scout Falls is a popular waterfall located right off the Timpooneke Trail on the way to Mt. Timpanogos. In summer, it's a fun spot to cool off on your hike or filter your water for the long trek to the summit. Normally it is only 1.5 miles to reach the falls but in winter it is 4 miles one way since the road is closed at the winter gate. It's been a goal of mine to see the fall in winter, with long icicles, frozen over.