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Mill Hollow Yurt Trip, Hiking to the Mill Hollow Backcountry Yurt, Yurts of Utah, Yurts in the Uintas, Dog Friendly Yurts, Mill HollowThe Mill Hollow Backcountry Yurt is located in the High Uintas Wilderness, with a 6 mile hike/ski/snowshoe to reach the yurt. The "trail" follows HWY 35 for 3 miles, before turning off onto forest roads. This ski in requires you to have comfortable backcountry skills, as well as appropriate gear (beacon, shovel, & probe), as avalanches have occurred here. The hike/ski in is well worth it, as you are surrounded by a winter wonderland, yet have a warm hut to hang out in. Plan to spend at least two nights here - one night is not enough to fully enjoy the area, get out for a tour, or relax.

Soaking at Baker Hot Springs, Utah

Baker Hot Springs is a small, natural hot springs located in Central Utah, not too far from Delta, Utah. The source of the hot springs is around 180F, but a trench helps the water flow down to three large tubs and cools off the further you are away from the source. The tub closest to the source is the hottest, the middle tub is, well in the middle for temperatures, and the furtherest is the coolest. However, you can "regulate" the temperature by using one of the provided rags to block out the hot water and let cold water from a pipe in.