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Hiking to the Hurst Natural Bridge, San Rafael Swell

Hurst Natural Bridge is located in the San Rafael Swell, high above Ernie Canyon. There is no trail to reach Hurst Bridge, making a fun day for those who like adventuring and exploring. Make sure you have a downloaded topo map of the area, as there is no cell service. There is no shade, nor water so be prepared to be self-reliant. This is a dog friendly hike, but the sand will burn their paws if you start too late - we started hiking at 10am and I wished we had started no later than 7-8am.  This hike is best during Winter, early Spring and late Fall when the temperatures have cooled off. If you like hiking to lesser known ares of The Swell, this is the trail for you!

The Best Dog Friendly Waterfalls Hikes in Utah

Ready to learn about the BEST Dog Friendly Waterfall Hikes in Utah?

I've complied all of them into one post - no more researching, asking around, or spending hours looking at AllTrails. All of these listed are dog-friendly (off leash) of course, and are separated by location. There are not ranked in any order. Click the link for each hike to learn more, to see all the trail stats (distance, elevation gain, etc), and to view a trail map. Directions are also provided for each hike.

Visiting Toquerville Falls, Utah Waterfalls

Toquerville Falls is located near St.George in Toquerville, UT. The falls flow from La Verkin Creek over two pour offs - the first a cascade of falls, and the second a complete drop off to about 20 feet to the bottom of the creek. No hiking is required, but you better have a 4x4 car. The sign along the road says "4x4 recommended", but there's no way anything less will make it. The dirt road is only 5.3 miles, but driving it will take you around 45 minutes. We drove a Tacoma and put it in 4-wheel drive several times, all while driving very slow.

Hiking to Rattlesnake Gulch, Millcreek Canyon, Utah, Hiking with Dogs in Utah

 Rattlesnake Gulch in Millcreek Canyon is one of my go-to after work hikes. You don't have to drive very far up the canyon to have great access to this moderate trail, which leads to a beautiful overlook of the Salt Lake valley. I highly recommend this as sunset hike - bring a thermos of hot chocolate or tea and sit at the overlook to enjoy the view. This trail works steadily up the mountain for the first mile, then is level for the second mile, making this a great trail run. There is plenty of shade, but no water.

Hiking the Anazasi Trail (Tempi'po'op), St.George, Utah

The Anasazi Trail (aka Tempi'po'op, which means "rock writing" in Southern Paiute) in St.George is a casual trail that leads to ancient Pueblo & Paiute remains, as well as petroglyphs. This is more of a walk, rather than a hike, and is great for the whole family to do since it is only 2.2 miles RT. There is zero shade nor water, and the trail gets hot quickly. If you bring your dogs make sure to start early in the day so they don't burn their paws. The path itself consists of long switchbacks, which lead you to a very small hill where the old farmstead was located, and is now fenced off. After checking that out, continue walking uphill (to the South) to see the petroglyphs. 

Hiking the Red Mountain Trail, St.George

Red Mountain is located in Dammeron Valley, UT not far from Sand Hollow and Gunlock State Parks. Because it's not actually apart of the state parks and is wilderness area, dogs are allowed off leash. Be sure to start early in the morning so the sand doesn't burn their paws. The first 1.5 miles of the trail is very boring and uneventful, but what the trail does lead to is amazing. The Red Mountain Overlook looks down into Sand Hollow, and the white and red slick rock with Signal Peak in the Pine Valley Mountains to the East is incredibly beautiful. This trail is great for the whole family, as it only gains a mere 360 ft. It's a mix of sand and rock, but plenty of shade if you do need a break.

The Woods Trail and Dog Park, Hiking in Utah with Dogs

The Woods Trail & Dog Park is one of Kimball Junction, Utah's dog park. It is located in a neighborhood to the north of I-80, this small dog park is fenced in for your furry pal to run around and get his energy out. After playing ball, grab your leash and take your choice of two trails starting from the dog park - the easy 0.5 mile loop that wraps around the pond, or the longer 1.3 mile loop that weaves its way through the neighborhood with view of Summit Park Peak.