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Hiking Iron Canyon, Park City, Utah, Hiking in Utah with Dogs

Iron Canyon in Park City, Utah is the "local's secret" for a beautiful, secluded trail that overlooks the Park City valley and the ski resorts. On a clear day you can see all the way out to the Uinta Mountains. The trail is more popular in winter as a fun sledding spot, but my favorite time to go is in early Summer when everything is turning green again. Most of the mountain is on private land, but the Iron Canyon trail allows for public access.

Exploring the Cataract Gorge, UintasThe Cataract Gorge is located near Murdock Basin in the High Uintas. After turning off the Mirror Lake Highway, you'll drive 3 miles along a well-graded dirt road until you reach the forest road intersection for FR027. Here, you'll park your car (unless you have 4x4 drive) then hike down the rest of the road until you reach the Cataract Gorge waterfall. It's a very easy walk, but over lots of rocks. Beware of ATVs and Razor's flying past you. Once at the end of the road, you'll reach the 100 ft waterfall that you can cool off under. But be careful, the rocks are extremely slippery.

Hiking to Fish Lake Hightop, Sevier County High PointFish Lake Hightop (11,633 ft) is the Sevier County High Point, and popular among those completing the Utah County High Points (CoHPs) list. Fish Lake Hightop was my very last one and I was sooo excited to finish the list! My very first CoHP was actually Deseret Peak back in 2014, so this list took me years to complete. When I first started bagging peaks I didn't know the CoHP list even existed I just wanted to hike to cool places. Fish Lake Hightop was no different - it took me to a new part of the state I had never been, Fish Lake, which is about an hour southeast of Salina, UT.

Boulder Top (Bluebell Knoll), Wayne County High PointBoulder Top (aka Bluebell Knoll) sits at 11,322 ft high on the Aquarius Plateau, in-between Loa, Utah and Boulder, Utah. Most people come to this "peak" to mark it off their list on the Utah County High Points (CoHPs), for Wayne County. On that list, it is one of the easiest. It's not a hike, but rather a scenic drive with about a 10 minute walk to the summit, which sits in a grove of forested trees, yet also has a view of the nearby Raft Lake just below the summit.

Backpacking to the Dinwoody Lakes, Wind Rivers, Backpacking the Glacier Trail Wind Rivers

The Dinwoody Lakes area is located in the Wind River Range, and is a popular area for backpackers. The route follows the popular "Glacier Trail", which is the trailhead for three areas - Bomber Basin, Whiskey Mountain and Ross Lake, and the Eastern approach for Gannet Peak. Gannet Peak is the Wyoming high point, and the Glacier Trail serves as the major starting point for backpackers to reach the base of the peak. Gannet Peak is roughly 25 miles one way, so Dinwoody Lakes is a great spot for a first night camp since it's about halfway in at 11 miles from the main trailhead.

Hiking to Adam's Canyon Waterfall

Hiking to Adam's Canyon Waterfall is one of Utah's most beautiful and popular waterfalls. Nestled into the end of the canyon, and surrounded by trees and rock, sits this 40 ft waterfall. It's a very scenic trail, as it weaves its way along the stream, where dogs can play and you can dip your feet in when its hot outside. This is a great hike year-round, and gets crowded by mid-morning. Set your alarm clock so you can get up early early to enjoy the falls alone. In Summer expect to pass literally 100 people or more.