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Hiking West Mountain (6,904 ft), Utah

West Mountain (6,904 ft) is the large summit right at the south end of Utah Lake. There are several routes you can take but the easiest is to simply follow the ridge from the radio towers. You can drive all the way to the towers, then hike 2.8 miles to the true summit of the range. This mountain offers amazing views of Utah Lake, and the Wasatch 7 Peaks! But be careful - there is target shooting all around the base of this mountain so wear bright colors, and make sure you dog also wears a hunting vest, such as the Ruffwear Track Jacket (this is what Charlie wears).

Hiking to Silver Lake & Silver Glance Lake, American Fork Canyon, Utah

Silver Lake in American Fork Canyon is a beautiful high alpine lake that sits just below the Little Cottonwood Canyon ridgeline on the south side. This moderate trail slowly gains elevation, so it's not super hard to reach this awesome destination. The trail passes by some boulders, crosses a stream, climbs up 3-4 long switchbacks, and finally reaches the lake after only 2.2 miles (one way).

Hiking to the Willard Fin, Hiking in Willard, Utah, hiking in utah with dogs

The Willard Fin (6,579 ft) is a prominent feature along the foothills above Willard, UT. There are so many mines in the area, that the Fin also has the nickname of "lightning rock", for the amount of high metal content under it in the earth. Besides that, the Fin offers a great hike with amazing views all around. Willard Bay to the West, Willard Canyon below, and Grizzly Peak to the East. There is nothing technical about this hike, so it's great to bag a fairly easy peak. The best time of year to hike this is Spring and Fall. Summer is extremely hot with no water or shade. Even in April, Charlie was too hot so make sure you start early to beat the heat and bring plenty of water and sunblock. 

Hiking Willard Canyon to Falls, hiking willard creek


Willard Canyon is the main canyon leading up from the town of Willard, Utah. To the West you have a great view of Willard Bay, and to the East, the trail leads up to cascades (and a waterfall if you can make it). The hike is straight-forward - after crossing the creek from the parking area, you will hike up a short yet steep hill, before crossing a bridge and following the creek as far as you can make it. This trail is dog-friendly, but I wouldn't bring little kids due to steepness. The best time to hike here is late Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Hiking to the Davis Creek Waterfall, Utah, dogs that hike in utah

The Davis Creek Waterfall is accessed via the Davis Creek Trail, and is a good hike for all levels of hikers. At only 1 mile (RT), this hike is somewhat steep the first section, but soon levels out with a view of the waterfall. There are several trails that branch off of the Davis Creek Trail, so if you have time I suggest doing all of it. However, if you are short on time but still want a great destination, the waterfalls is the perfect turnaround point.

The Grotto Trail & Waterfall, Nebo Scenic Loop Road trails, Waterfalls in Utah

The Grotto Waterfall & trail is more of a stroll, rather than a hike. At only 0.25 miles one way, this trail is very kid friendly. Not only is the distance short, but at the end is a rewarding waterfall that is a popular hang out on hot weekends throughout summer. Be ready to pass anywhere from 50-100 people on this trail - you won't find solitude unless you get there really early in the morning. This trail is great for dogs to cool off as well, as they are allowed off leash.  From November 15 until May 15 (winter), there is a gate making the walk 1.6 miles one way to the falls.

Hiking to Parley's Canyon Overlook

Parley's Canyon Overlook (marked as Peak 6,299 ft on maps) is a short & steep yet rewarding hike. The overlook looks East into Parley's Canyon, and you have an amazing view of the West Ridge of Grandeur Peak. Looking West, you get a great view of the SLC Valley, making this a perfect sunset hike as well. There are several trails you can take, making it fun to create a loop or just explore a slightly different area each time you hike here. This is a brand new trail head and parking area in a new development, so let's keep it clean so that hikers continue to have access even after the houses are built.