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Soaking at Red Hill Hot Springs, Utah

Soaking at Red Hill Hot Springs, UtahRed Hill Hot Springs is a popular soaking destination in central Utah, in Monroe. It consists of four pools, all fed by one very hot water source on top of the mound above the pools. Because this hot springs is free (and also on private property), it gets very crowded especially on weekends. The owners allow people to visit as long as the place is cleaned up after and not destroyed. This is a great place for families looking for a really nice hot springs that you don't have to hike it. 

Hiking to Winchell Lake, Nevada, Angel Lake Rec Area, Nevada Winchell Lake is another high alpine lake in the Humboldt-Toiyabe Wilderness near the Angel Lake Rec area, just south of Wells, NV. It's neighboring lakes, Angel Lake & Smith Lake, gets most of the attention, but Winchell is just as pretty! Because this lake is only lightly trafficked, the trail is semi-overgrown and wearing pants will protect your legs. The trail is very easy to follow, it's just filled with overgrown sagebrush.

Hiking to Smith Lake via Angel Lake Trail, Nevada

The Angel Lake Rec Area is a popular hiking, fishing, and camping spot just outside of Wells, Nevada. You've probably seen the brown sign off I-80 for this area, but drove past. I'm here to tell you its worth the stop! Not only is this area very dog and kid friendly, but the lakes, views, and surrounding peaks make this a very enjoyable visit. The shortest hike in the area is Smith Lake, at just 1.3 miles one way.