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Hiking the Fehr Lake Trail, Uintas

The Fehr Lake Trail (pronounced like "Fair") sits high in the Uintas Wilderness at 10,260 ft, and offers a few hiking options from really easy and short at 1 mile round trip, to a little longer at 4 miles round trip. The trailhead starts across from the Moosehorn Campground, just below Bald Mountain Pass. The Fehr Lake trail will take you to three lakes - Fehr, Sheppard, and Hoover Lakes. All three lakes around about 29-30 ft at the deepest. Fehr Lake is highest in elevation gain, so most of this hike is downhill. Keep this in mind for the hike back - it will be all uphill. The traditional Uinta boardwalks are in place to keep hikers from tracking through the marshy areas. Bring bug spray - the mosquitoes are pretty bad on this trail because of how wet this trail is.

Hiking to Ruth Lake, Uintas

Ruth Lake sits high in the Uintas Wilderness at roughly 10,200 ft. Ruth Lake is one of the easiest trails in the Uintas, making it great for families with children, or perfect for the beginner backpacker. Where else can you hike to a high alpine lake at only 0.8 miles one way and 155 ft elevation gain? Along the way you'll get to see beautiful open meadows, streams that are perfect for the dogs to play in, and wide open opens of the surrounding peaks. The only downside? This is a heavily used trail, so don't expect solitude.

The 7 Best Trails in Millcreek Canyon

Check out the 7 Best Trails in Millcreek Canyon! Millcreek Canyon is one of Salt Lake City's most popular canyons due to the unlimited hiking options, which also happens to be the only dog-friendly canyon in the area. The nearby Little & Big Cottonwood Canyons are apart of a watershed, and therefor do not allow pets in the canyon. Because Millcreek gets a lot of attention with hikers they have their own rules relating to dogs - they can only hike off-leash on odd numbered days; even numbered days dogs are allowed but must be kept on-leash. This allows non-dog owners to access the trails (mainly mountain bikers and runners) without worry about running them over, while still enjoying the trails themselves.

Hiking to Rocky Mouth Falls

Rocky Mouth Falls is a very easy walk that can be reached in about 10 minutes, and is located just above the east side neighborhood in Draper, Utah. Because of its short distance and little elevation it's a great "hike" for kids or families that aren't up for a big adventure. This trail is a little different in that you have to walk through part of the neighborhood to reconnect with the main trail.

The 6 Best Things to do in Twin Falls, Idaho

The 6 Best Things to do in Twin Falls, Idaho are all within a short drive! Over July 4th weekend we decided to check out this area for a few reasons. First is that most of you know I'm still recovering from foot surgery and am limited to 1 mile walks. Boring! Second, I needed to find an area that we could focus on getting our Alpacka Rafts out and/or easily walk up to cool sights. Third, I didn't want to drive super far - Twin Falls is only 3.5 hours from SLC! After doing a bunch of research on the area, this left us with several options, and over 2.5 days we checked out these amazing locations! From kayaking and very short walks, there is something for everyone in Twin Falls!