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Hiking to Ski Lake, Wyoming

Ski Lake is located in between Victor, Idaho and Jackson Hole, WY, and sits at an elevation of 8,650 ft. Locals says this is the easiest alpine lake to hike to in the area at only 4 miles RT! The trail is very mellow and great for all ages, including dogs off leash. Along the way you'll have amazing views of mountains to the South and East for the first mile, cross a stream, and end with an amazing lake with clear blue water. Be sure to start early though - not only does parking fill up quickly on weekends but this trail is all on the East side of the slope making it all in the sun. There are a few sections of shade, but even by 10am we were all sweating - and it was only 65F! Pack a snack, and let the dogs enjoy taking a swim at Ski Lake!

Hiking to the Darby Canyon Wind Caves, Wyoming

The Darby Canyon Wind Caves are located near Alta, WY, within the Jedediah Smith Wilderness ("the backside" of the Tetons). This is a very popular trail, so don't expect to have any solitude - you'll constantly be pulling over to let others pass, even horses, and the parking lot is full by 10am on weekends. But don't let that stop you from visiting at least once! The Wind Caves are a really cool, local geological feature called the "Darby Formation" - a thick layer of 350 year old dolomite. Don't forget that this is still bear territory - even though this is a heavily used trail, always carry bear spray. The best time to visit is when the snow is gone so you can actually hike up into the cave, typically late June through September. Dogs are also allowed off leash, and older kids will enjoy this gradual trail.

Gear Review: Roadhouse Brewery Seltzy's

Roadhouse Brewing's newest addition to the line up of drinks are hard seltzers, called "Seltzy". I've been on a big seltzer kick this summer so when I found out about Seltzy, I had to give them a try. They are sold locally in five states in including Utah, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, and their home state, Wyoming. Roadhouse Brewing has based in Jackson Hole since 2012, and they recently began to create these craft hard seltzers with zero added sugar and water from the Tetons!

Hiking to Wyoming Peak, Wyoming Mountain Range

Wyoming Peak (11, 383 ft) is the tallest mountain in the Wyoming Mountain Range, located in West-Central Wyoming. On the summit lies an old fire lookout in shambles, but don't let that distract from the rest of the breathtaking views! The trail itself is mostly long switchbacks, gaining 2,500 ft in just 4 miles. Sections of the trail are forested with some shade, other sections are fields of sagebrush. However, the last mile opens up and you will be hiking in alpine terrain. This trail has a wide diversity of ecosystems and plants. There is nothing technical with hiking to Wyoming Peak - just plan on it taking most the day, bring plenty of water and snacks, and sunblock! We started out hiking in 36F temps, but by the end of the day my quads were sunburned! Dogs will enjoy this trail too, but again, bring water for them as there is none along the route. The best time to hike this is in July, August, and September when the roads are completely dry to access the unofficial trailhead.