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Hiking to Desert Peak, Newfoundland Mountains

Hiking to Desert Peak, Newfoundland Mountains

Desert Peak (7,005 ft) is located in the Newfoundland Mountains in the Great Salt Lake, and is the highest point in the range. Getting to the unofficial trailhead takes quite a bit of effort, and it is very tricky timing it at just the right time of year. Because it's located in the middle of the Salt Flats, any recent precipitation will leave the dirt roads completely muddy and rutted out. There is zero cell service, so you don't want to risk getting stuck.

Hiking to Matt's Arch & Meridian Peak  

Meridian Peak (5,978ft) is small peak in North Salt Lake along the Bonneville Shoreline Trail and just north of Ensign Peak. The main trail also takes you past Matt's Arch (aka "Industrial Arch") - a tiny natural arch made of limestone. There are trails all over, making this a "choose your own route" hike. I decided to turn my route into a 5 mile loop, and since there was barely any snow on the trail the day I hiked it, it was a perfect Winter hike. Safe from avalanches, only a few bikers, a handful of other hikers, and not hot like it normally is in summer.