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The 7 Best Trails in Millcreek Canyon

Check out the 7 Best Trails in Millcreek Canyon! Millcreek Canyon is one of Salt Lake City's most popular canyons due to the unlimited hiking options, which also happens to be the only dog-friendly canyon in the area. The nearby Little & Big Cottonwood Canyons are apart of a watershed, and therefor do not allow pets in the canyon. Because Millcreek gets a lot of attention with hikers they have their own rules relating to dogs - they can only hike off-leash on odd numbered days; even numbered days dogs are allowed but must be kept on-leash. This allows non-dog owners to access the trails (mainly mountain bikers and runners) without worry about running them over, while still enjoying the trails themselves.

The Best Dog Friendly Waterfalls Hikes in Utah

Ready to learn about the BEST Dog Friendly Waterfall Hikes in Utah?

I've complied all of them into one post - no more researching, asking around, or spending hours looking at AllTrails. All of these listed are dog-friendly (off leash) of course, and are separated by location. There are not ranked in any order. Click the link for each hike to learn more, to see all the trail stats (distance, elevation gain, etc), and to view a trail map. Directions are also provided for each hike.

Dog Friendly Restaurant Patios in Salt Lake City

Summer is here, and it's patio season! After doing a hike with the dogs I love to grab a burger or beer and soak up the sun on the patio. Often times its too hot to leave your bestie in the car panting, so what could be better than being able to take him or her on the patio with you in the shade to cool off? A dog's gotta eat and drink too! Check out these city-approved Dog Friendly Restaurant Patios in Salt Lake City - bone appétit!

The Ultimate Guide - Dog Friendly Hikes in Escalante, Utah!

It's here - the Ultimate Guide for dog friendly hikes in Escalante, Utah

These are the questions I get ALL the time, "Where can I take my dog in the Escalante area? What's a good place to camp, or get a hotel?" "When is the best time of year to visit?" So I decided to compile all the information in one place!

Escalante is one of the most dog friendly areas in Utah - dogs are allowed off leash and the trails are all on BLM land or within Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument (GSENM). The only trail in the area dogs are banned from is Coyote Gulch, hence it isn't listed here.

6 Tips to Keep Your Dog Warm while Camping

Camping & backpacking with dogs is really enjoyable, but the fun can be ruined if your furry pal is shivering and can't stay warm. Here in Utah, the temperatures can be 90F during the day and drop as low as 30F in the desert, even in the Summer. It doesn't matter if you decided to camp in Moab or in the High Uintas, always be prepared for cold weather camping with your dog, especially since the weather can change so quickly here. After camping and backpacking for 5 years with Charlie, one of the top questions I get is how I keep Charlie warm. Here are my 6 Tips to Keep Your Dog Warm while Camping!

Backpacking with Dogs, Hiking in Utah with Dogs

Backpacking with your dog is one of the most enjoyable bonding activities you can do together. Whenever I pull out Charlie's Ruffwear Pack he starts jumping around - he knows that another adventure is around the corner. There's nothing that compares to seeing Charlie's smiling face as he runs free in the back country, then having him snuggle me by the campfire after a long day of hiking and exploring. With the right planning and preparation, your trip will be fun, safe, & memorable!

The BEST Hikes in St.George, Utah!

The BEST Hikes in St.George, Utah are located in Southern Utah, near the Utah/Nevada border. This area offers a mecca of outdoor activities! Hiking, biking, climbing, waterfalls, rock art, petroglyphs, cool rock features, you name it, St.George has it! Visiting this area is great year-round, but my favorite time is in Spring & Fall. After months of being in the cold, wet winter, I'm ready for some sun! Winter can also be a great time to visit when you need a weekend escape from the snow, and need a little warmth, as temperatures are typically 20-30F degrees warmer than the SLC area and is also typically free of snow.

Dining at Log Haven's the Dogs Days of Summer

Log Haven is a popular restaurant located in Millcreek Canyon, Utah. Built in 1920, this log cabin hideaway was built as an anniversary gift for L.F. Rains' wife. Logs were shipped from San Francisco to SLC and hauled up the four miles by horse-drawn wagon. It was built at the base of cliffs and two small waterfalls. It was then used as a summer home for the family but when the Great Depression hit, an insurance executive named Gleed Miller bought the home and made additions to the home, also adding in an ice skating pond and stable. During the late 1980s it fell to despair - flash forward to the mid-90s and Margo Provost purchased the home and renovated it into a historic retreat and restaurant. 

9 Items to Keep in Your Dog's First Aid Kit while Hiking

I've put together a list of the 9 Items to Keep in Your Dogs First Aid Kit, that you'll actually use! Humans have first aid kits, so why shouldn't your dog? When you are out hiking or camping there's always the possibility of your dog tearing it's paws, getting a dog bite, running into a stick or log, or getting allergies from an insect bite. You could easily buy a first aid kit from the store (and pay a lot of money for it), but making your own Pet First Aid kit is much cheaper, and you can put in the items you will actually use. It doesn't matter what time of year it is, always carry a first aid kit prepped for your furry friend.