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Hiking the Tibble Fork Loop Trail, American Fork Canyon, Utah

 The Tibble Fork Loop Trail (trail #041 & #040) is located in American Fork Canyon, and starts at the Tibble Fork Reservoir, hence the appropriate name. This hike can be done year round, but I find it to be the prettiest during Winter when the trees are laden with snow, the reservoir is frozen over, and the trail offers a certain quietness. The trail steadily gains elevation for the first 2 miles, cuts through an amazing aspen grove and open meadow, then connects back to the Tibble Fork stream and main parking lot.

Hiking the Hidden Valley Trail, Moab

Hiking the Hidden Valley Trail right outside of Moab makes you feel like you are in a totally different place - look anywhere in Moab and the dominant sight is the Moab rim. It's known as "Behind the Rocks" - an interesting mix of sandstone fins, large rock walls, and domes. Is Hidden Valley really a valley? Not quite.  It's actually two hanging terraces that descends into Behind the Rocks and eventually widens into a 4-wheel drive road while a boot-beaten path detours along the base of a sandstone wall with petroglyphs.

Hiking Water Canyon, Hilldale, Utah

Water Canyon is a perfect desert oasis hike near Hilldale, UT. While this hike looks a lot like Zion National Park, it's dog friendly, perfect for kids, there are zero fees to enter, and you can make the hike as long or short as you want. I highly recommend hiking at least 1.5 miles to the small waterfall and pool area, so the dogs can cool off their paws and kids can explore and splash around.

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