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Hiking Mt.Moriah, Nevada

Mt.Moriah (12,073 ft) is located within Mount Moriah Wilderness in Nevada. This peak is often overlooked by its neighbor to the South, Wheeler Peak, in Great Basin National Park. But that is what I loved about this area - we passed very few people on the roads, and literally no one on the trail! Mt.Moriah is very remote and 4WD and high clearance is needed to reach the trailhead. The trail itself starts out by dropping into a small canyon, before hiking up many switchbacks to "The Table". From there, you leave the trail and need to use your topo and directional skills to make it up to the small saddle. Eventually you will pick up a light hikers/pack trail before reaching the summit. The best time of year to hike this is July - October when the road is dry and accessible, and there is no concern for avalanche danger. There is plenty of free camping all over the mountain, but just remember the closest gas station is on State Line near Baker, NV, so make sure you are self sufficient with water, food, and gas. Dogs will do well on this trail as long as they are used to rocky terrain.

Hiking to Winchell Lake, Nevada, Angel Lake Rec Area, Nevada Winchell Lake is another high alpine lake in the Humboldt-Toiyabe Wilderness near the Angel Lake Rec area, just south of Wells, NV. It's neighboring lakes, Angel Lake & Smith Lake, gets most of the attention, but Winchell is just as pretty! Because this lake is only lightly trafficked, the trail is semi-overgrown and wearing pants will protect your legs. The trail is very easy to follow, it's just filled with overgrown sagebrush.