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A Weekend at Spirit Lake, Uintas

Spirit Lake sits in the High Uintas Wilderness on the far East end of the range, with the lake at 10,180 ft. Access to this area is only open from the end of June (sometimes early July depending on the snow pack) through October. In winter months you'll need a snowmobile to reach this far into the wilderness. Summer brings daily afternoon rain storms, mosquitos, blooming flowers, cool temperatures, and wildlife. There are activities for the whole family - kayaking, fishing, hiking, camping, backpacking, you name it! Dogs are allowed off leash on the trails, ands kids will enjoy exploring the area. Pack your camp gear, and let's go!

Check out this Hippy Digs Rental Van! We got to experience #VanLife while "camping" in the Uintas. We found out about Hippy Digs and had to take their rental camper van out for a spin - in fact, we were their first every people to rent out this newly flipped van and it was THE BEST! Spent two nights in what I call "luxury" - running water, queen sized bed, a kitchen with plenty of storage space, and best of all it's dog friendly! Van owners, Mylee & Chris, bought this 2019 F250 Frontline van after a conversation at their normal Friday night dinner date. After coming up with a blueprint sketch on the dirty table napkin, they knew right then this was something they had to make happen.

Moab Flats is Moab, Utah's best downtown lofts! Ok, that is just my opinion, but you definitely need to check this place out if you love exploring Moab, but need something dog-friendly and its just too hot (or cold) to camp. My friend and I love hiking in the LaSals every summer, but as most of you know, summer is the hottest time in Moab with temperatures usually near 100F every day. However, if you escape to the mountains temps are much cooler. My other favorite time to visit Moab is winter when there are no tourists, and the sand won't burn the dogs' paws. But then it's too cold to camp! What's a girl who loves to camp to do?

Lodging Review: Circle D Hotel, Escalante , Utah

Circle D Motel is located in the heart of Escalante, Utah - an outdoor lovers paradise for hiking to slot canyons, canyoneering, backpacking, and exploring natural arches off Hole in the Rock Road. The area is rich with history and beautiful scenery, which is apart of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument (GSENM). My dog and I come here to explore the trails, but sometimes it's too cold for camping, especially in winter. That's when we call up Circle D to make sure we have a warm, welcoming room when we arrive tired and dirty from exploring outside.