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Northern Utah

Hike to the Paper Airplane at Powder Mountain

Hiking to the paper airplane at Powder Mountain Ski Resort is a fun hike for all ages and the pups on-leash! This super easy trail leads you to a giant metal airplane structure, acting as both a sculpture and obstacle for bikers riding the trails. The trail gradually descends roughly 150ft before reaching this 20 ft long "paper" airplane. The surrounding views of the ski resort and Wasatch Mountains are hard to beat - on a clear day you can see all the way to Mt.Timpanogos to the South, and into Idaho to the North! This trail is only accessible in Summer months.

Northern Utah

Hiking Lewis Peak, Hiking Eyrie Peak, North Ogden, Utah, Peak Bagging in Utah, Hiking in Utah with Dogs

Lewis Peak (8,031 ft) is located in North Ogden, Utah and sits on the mountain between Ben Lomond to the North and Mt. Ogden to the south. This peak is usually forgotten due to its popular neighboring peaks but it is actually a very scenic summit. Lewis Peak was named after Lewis Warren Shurtliff, who was among the first known to summit this prominent peak. At the time, he was only 16, when he climbed what would be named Lewis Peak on June 6, 1852 with some friends. On the summit, he piled up rocks and stuck a large branch in it to mark the high point. Lewis and his friends hiked here to scout out the area and help protect the settlers from the Native Americans. It's unusual for a geographic feature to be titled after a person's first name. In fact, Lewis Peak is only one of a few Ogden Wasatch Front Mountain peaks that is even named after a specific person.

Northern Utah

Hiking to the Willard Fin, Hiking in Willard, Utah, hiking in utah with dogs

The Willard Fin (6,579 ft) is a prominent feature along the foothills above Willard, UT. There are so many mines in the area, that the Fin also has the nickname of "lightning rock", for the amount of high metal content under it in the earth. Besides that, the Fin offers a great hike with amazing views all around. Willard Bay to the West, Willard Canyon below, and Grizzly Peak to the East. There is nothing technical about this hike, so it's great to bag a fairly easy peak. The best time of year to hike this is Spring and Fall. Summer is extremely hot with no water or shade. Even in April, Charlie was too hot so make sure you start early to beat the heat and bring plenty of water and sunblock. 

Northern Utah

Hiking to the Davis Creek Waterfall, Utah, dogs that hike in utah

The Davis Creek Waterfall is accessed via the Davis Creek Trail, and is a good hike for all levels of hikers. At only 1 mile (RT), this hike is somewhat steep the first section, but soon levels out with a view of the waterfall. There are several trails that branch off of the Davis Creek Trail, so if you have time I suggest doing all of it. However, if you are short on time but still want a great destination, the waterfalls is the perfect turnaround point.

Northern Utah

Monte Cristo Yurt, Yurts of Utah, Utah Yurts

The Monte Cristo Yurt is one of Utah's newest yurts! You guys know I love yurts - every year my partner and I stay in a different location as we love exploring new terrain, staying in unique living spaces, relaxing and playing games, as well as venturing out on our skis to survey the land. Well this year I knew I had to jump on the opportunity to reserve the Monte Cristo Yurt.

Northern Utah

Hiking the Skull Crack Trail, Causey Reservoir

The Skull Crack Trail at the Causey Reservoir, is located 45 minutes East of Ogden, Utah. This 142 acre reservoir sits at an elevation of 5,700 feet and is surrounded by steep, forested, valley terrain, which extends into three small canyons. Most of the reservoir is best explored by kayak, canoe, or paddle board, however, hiking along the Skull Crack Trail also provides jaw-dropping scenery. The Causey Reservoir was built during 1962-1966 as a way to provide water to the Northern Wasatch front.

Northern Utah

Hiking to Bridger Peak, Rich County High Point

Bridger Peak (9,225 ft) is the Rich County High Point, but also the lowest in elevation of all Utah County High Points (CoHPs)! Bridger Peak was Unnamed Peak until 1999 when the Tribune ran a contest for someone to name the peak. Briger Peak won for Jim Bridger who was an early explorer of Utah and the Yellowstone area, Now Yellowstone National Park.  He was a great mediator between the Native American tribes and European-American settlers, and was in excellent shape aiding him to explore the West.

Northern Utah

Cross Country Skiing at Ogden Nordic

Ogden Nordic is located in Eden, Utah, northeast of North Ogden. Ogden Nordic began in 1997, as a non-profit organization including several community outreach programs such as Utah Special Olypmics, ski school, hosting Winter Trail Days, Junior after school ski program, races, and moonlight glides. They have roughly 30k (18.6 miles) of groomed trails, with mostly beginner and intermediate skill levels. A handful of experienced trails are available as well. Rentals are available, and the daily trail fees are noted below.

Northern Utah

Hiking to the Jardine Juniper Tree, Logan Canyon
The Jardine Juniper Tree is location in Logan Canyon, Utah, and is 1,500 years old! It is close to 40 feet tall, and 23.6 ft in circumference. The Jardine Juniper was discovered in 1923 by Maurice Linford, who was a student at Utah State (then called Utah State Agricultural College), and the tree was named after the former US Secretary of Agriculture William Marion Jardine.

Northern Utah

The Wellsville Cone (9,356 ft) is the 2nd highest point in the Wellsville Mountains, the highest being Box Elder Peak. Wellsville Cone is only 16 feet lower, and if you must bag the tallest peak of the mountains go for it, but the views will be the same. There are several routes to reach either summit and all require bushwhacking, and are long, steep hikes.

Northern Utah

Hiking the Crimson Wall Trail, Logan Canyon

The Crimson Trail (originally called the China Wall Trail) is located in Logan Canyon, and was referred to as such because of the long wall-like formation that lines both sides of Logan Canyon. The wall itself is mainly composed of limestone and quartzite, and offers a few challenging climbs for rock climbers. What attracts hikers to the Crimson Wall is its gorgeous views of Logan Canyon. The best time to hike this trail is in Summer or Fall when the snow is gone and the trail is dry. The trail is mainly north-facing, and therefore the snow and ice remains well into Spring.

Northern Utah

Hiking to Willard Peak & Ben Lomond Peak, Hiking in Utah with Dogs

Willard Peak (9,763 ft) and Ben Lomond Peak (9,712 ft) are the two high points dominating the Northern end of the Wasatch Mountains, above Ogden, Utah. Willard Peak is the high point for Weber County, though it sees less than half the amount of hikers compared to the popular Ben Lomond Peak. Both are worthy summits, and to avoid having to come back on separate days to hike each one, do both in one trip.

Northern Utah

Tony Grove Lake, Utah, Hiking in Utah with Dogs

Tony Grove Lake is a popular summer hang out and camping area in Logan Canyon, Utah, about and hour and half drive from SLC. Not only is it dog friendly (off leash) and kid friendly, you can take your kayak or SUP on the lake, there's camping on the southern end of the lake or at the official campground, there's picnicking, hiking, fishing, and will definitely offer something for everyone in the family. Many people head for for just the day to explore Naomi Peak and White Pine Lake as well, or bring a camp chair and enjoy nature along the lake.

Northern Utah

Hiking to Naomi Peak, Logan Canyon, Utah

Naomi Peak (9,983 ft) is the highest point in the Bear River Mountains, in Northern Utah. Most people make the summit from the trail starting at Tony Grove Lake, but you can also access the peak from Dry Canyon, which is on the West side of the mountain range. Starting from Tony Grove is on the East side of the mountains, and travels through many wildflowers in early summer, a rock amphitheater, several meadows, and offers breathtaking views of Cache Valley and the surrounding peaks.

Northern Utah

Backpacking to White Pine Lake, Logan Canyon, Utah

Backpacking to White Pine Lake in Logan Canyon can be described in one word - gorgeous! Or beautiful, or awesome, well...you get the idea. This was my first time to White Pine Lake, and I figured I would make the most of my time here and do a quick overnighter at the lake. White Pine Lake is surrounded by a large cliff wall to the West, Mt. Magog to the south, and Mt. Gog to the North.

Northern Utah

Wind Caves Trail, Logan, Utah, Hiking in Logan Canyon, Hiking in Utah with dogs

 The Wind Caves Trail is located in Logan Canyon about 1.5 hours northeast of SLC. We were looking for something new & different to hike, and I had heard of these caves before from friends. Our plan was to make a day trip of it, and hike this trail and one across the road called The Crimson Trail, which gets you above the China Wall. I also wanted to stop at one of my favorite outdoor sports store, Camp Saver. CampSaver.com is an online gear store, however their physical store is located just before you reach Logan in Nibley, UT. Anything you buy in store gives you an extra 20% discount on everything. Plus, they are super knowledge able and can help you find the perfect gear for any adventure.

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