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Backpacking Gear List

Backpacking Gear List

Let's talk Gear!

Walk into REI or any other outdoor store and you'll definitely feel overwhelmed with so many options for backpacking. Do you want to go Ultralight (UL)? Cook food or eat dehydrated? Do you want comfort or style? So many questions, right?! Then you have to pick the coolest color...

What to Wear

Gear Review: Skhoop Mini Down Skirt


Gear Review: Skhoop Mini Down Skirt, best down skirts, hiking skirts

Skhoop (pronounced like scoop), was founded in 1999 by Sissi Kewenter in Sweden - flash forward a few years later and Skhoop expanded into North America in 2007. Skhoop specializes in comfortable, feminine winter clothing for any outdoor activity. The insulated skirt is the most popular product, however over the years they've grown to include various lengths of skirts, jackets, vests, and socks. As the times have changed so has their fabric, adding in PrimaLoft, down, and GORE.

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