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Hiking Willard Canyon to Falls, hiking willard creek


Willard Canyon is the main canyon leading up from the town of Willard, Utah. To the West you have a great view of Willard Bay, and to the East, the trail leads up to cascades (and a waterfall if you can make it). The hike is straight-forward - after crossing the creek from the parking area, you will hike up a short yet steep hill, before crossing a bridge and following the creek as far as you can make it. This trail is dog-friendly, but I wouldn't bring little kids due to steepness. The best time to hike here is late Spring, Summer, and Fall.


The Top 10 Hikes in American Fork Canyon, American fork canyon best hikes and trails, best views in American fork canyon

The Top 10 Hikes in American Fork Canyon (called AF Canyon by locals) are located near Lehi, Utah and home to the Timpanogos Cave National Monument and Alpine Scenic Loop Road. In summer, you can drive over the entire scenic loop road, however in Winter it is closed for a bulk of the road. You can still enter via the East entrance at AF Canyon or via the South entrance in Provo Canyon just past Sundance Resort. AF Canyon is home to several outdoor activities - biking, camping, swimming, backpacking, dirt biking, snowmobiles, and of course my favorite, hiking!


Hiking to Dog Lake, Millcreek Canyon

Dog Lake in Millcreek Canyon is a popular trail for dog owners during the summer months, when the upper Millcreek Road is open, and the heat in the SLC valley is unbearable. Though you can access Dog Lake year round via the Mill D North Fork Trail in Big Cottonwood Canyon, dogs are not allowed to take that trail due to watershed rules.


Hiking to Mt. Wire, Utah, Hiking in Utah with Dogs, Trail Guide to Mount Wire

Mt.Wire is a small mountain that overlooks the University of Utah, Emigration Canyon, and Red Butte Canyon. It is conveniently close, and can be hiked year round. Unfortunately, Mt.Wire isn't much to look at, but what this little hill lacks in prestige, it more than makes up for with steep trails, nice views of the valley, and a spacious top to stretch out and enjoy the scenery. Plus, Mt. Wire is dog friendly! Along the way, you'll pass the famous Living Room trail, which is a great spot to take your first break. There are several ways you can summit, but I've found the easiest to be this route.


Hiking to Ruth Lake, Uintas

Ruth Lake sits high in the Uintas Wilderness at roughly 10,200 ft. Ruth Lake is one of the easiest trails in the Uintas, making it great for families with children, or perfect for the beginner backpacker. Where else can you hike to a high alpine lake at only 0.8 miles one way and 155 ft elevation gain? Along the way you'll get to see beautiful open meadows, streams that are perfect for the dogs to play in, and wide open opens of the surrounding peaks. The only downside? This is a heavily used trail, so don't expect solitude.


Hiking at Cumberland Mountain State Park, Tennessee

Cumberland Mountain State Park is located near the town of Crossville, TN, just over one hour from Knoxville, TN. The park is situated on the Cumberland Plateau, a segment of the great upland, which extends from Alabama to New York. Cumberland Mountain State Park was created in part by the New Deal and the C.C.C. as a homestead project. The project helped relocate poverty-stricken families to small farms, which happened to be what is now the state park. In 1938, the project turned the 1,720 acres into a recreational area and was given its current name.

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