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If you are Looking for dog-friendly hike or backpack recommendations, “Girl on a Hike” is your go-to in Utah! Her trail reviews are always very thorough and informative. As the co-founder of a women’s hiking group, I love seeing other strong, knowledgeable female hikers empowering others in the outdoors.

– Cindy Vance Co-Founder of Women’s Wine Hiking Society of Utah

Having two active labs, I’m always on the lookout for a new adventure. Before discovering Alicia/Girl on a Hike we only went to dog parks within a 15 mile radius. I had NO idea what I was missing! Alicia provides a detailed summary of the trailhead, pictures, directions and set expectations. Because of her reviews we’ve been all over Utah. It’s a breeze exploring, when you have Alicia as a guide!

- @lucianandkevin