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Driving through Valley of the Gods, Utah, Best Utah Scenic Drives

Valley of the Gods is a scenic backcountry area in Southeastern Utah, near Mexican Hat, UT. It's a 17 mile point-to-point drive along a well graded dirt road that even small, passenger cars can drive. It is a beautiful area with scenery similar to the nearby Monument Valley, without the fees or tourists. Valley of the Gods offers views of isolated buttes, towering pinnacles and spires, and wide open spaces. Because of it's isolation, people exploring and driving through Valley of the Gods need to be well prepared and self-sufficient and carry emergency supplies. Have a full tank of gas and plenty of water at the minimum.

Playing Disc Golf at Solitude Mountain ResortThis weekend, I learned to play Disc Golf for the first time at Solitude Mountain Resort. Disc Golf, aka Frisbee Golf or FOLF, is much like traditional golf except instead of using clubs and a small ball, players use a disc or frisbee. Disc Golf shares the same object as regular golf, where the object of completing each hole is to get the disc in the target in the fewest throws or "stokes". The disc golf is thrown from a tee area to the target hole - an elevated metal basket. I decided to bring my friend (who also happens to be my boss at my regular job) along so I could have a "pro" show me how it was done and so I could learn the right way to play disc golf.