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Paria Outdoors Tri-Fold Carbon Cork Trekking Poles

Paria Outdoors, based in Denver, Colorado, designs high quality products and offers them at a reasonable cost, so that they are accessible to anyone. They offer a line up of trekking poles, tents, sleeping pads, and accessories to complement your gear. The term "Paria" comes from Paria Canyon in Southwest Utah - a backpackers dream destination! When I was researching the best ultralight poles, the Paria Outdoors Tri-Fold Carbon Cork Trekking Poles were at the top of my list!

Live Infinitely Inflatable Air Lounger Gear Review, Best Air Lounger on Amazon

Looking for a fun, unique way to hang out while camping? Check out the Air Lounger by Live Infinitely! If you get back pain or just tired of sitting in a regular camp chair and want something different, the Air Lounger provides a way for you to sit or lay down anywhere, land or water. It only takes a few minutes to set up - both adults and kids can enjoy the views and campfire from a cozy spot!

ORCA Cooler Gear Review

ORCA Coolers are pushing the boundaries of innovation when it comes to insulation. We've all seen different versions of these coolers - durable, extremely well insulated, numerous sizes to choose from, and built to last. You may recognize the names Yeti, R-TIC, and Pelican to name a few, but what about ORCA? ORCA, which stands for Outdoor Recreation Company of America, is the newest company to the insulated cooler world, starting in just 2012. Based in Tennessee, this American-made cooler knocks out all other coolers out of the park. Whether you are looking for a cooler to bring to the park, on road trips, or hunting, you can count on ORCA to keep your food and drinks insulated for up to 10 days outdoors.

Matador - Camera Base Layer

We wear base layers when hiking in the cold, why not put a base layer on your camera? Matador has created a unique cover, or base layer, to protect your camera while you are still able to as active in the outdoors as you always have been. No need to shove your camera down your pack anymore - keep the Matador Base Layer on hand, so you can capture that awesome shot at the perfect time without any pack hassle.

Altra Trail Running Shoes - Women's King MT gear review, Best Trail Running Shoes for Women

It seems every 6-8 months I need to hiking & trail running shoes because I wear out the tread so quickly from my high miles. I had started to see a lot of people wearing Altra Footwear on the trails, so I knew I had to give them a try. Altra's newest style, The King MT, is the company's grippiest shoe yet. I quickly discovered that this Utah brand of footwear really can go the distance while providing comfort and grip. Named for Utah's highest peak, Kings Peak, this shoe is ready to dominate everything from dirt to tough ridges.

Cairn Subscription Box Review

We've all seen them - subscription boxes are popping up everywhere and for any kind of interest. Did you know that there's even one for the outdoor enthusiast? Cairn has created their own version of a subscription box for your favorite outdoor activities, based on your food and drink preferences, your specific apparel and accessory size, as well as for your furry buddy. Cairn is also a community where the outdoor lover can discover new products and ideas that inspired them to connect and explore.

GoDoggie Glow Collar Light Gear Review, Hiking with Dogs in the Dark, Dog safety

Charlie and I hike year round, no matter what time of day. Even though the long, dark Winter nights just around the corner, Charlie doesn't give me a break on walking him. In order for me to see him running around off leash on the trails at night, or dog walks around the neighborhood, we use the GoDoggie Glow Collar Light. These collar lights keep your furry kiddos seen, safe, and protected, especially at night.

Ruffwear Track Jacket for Pets gear review, Hiking in Utah with Dogs, blaze orange for dogs

Last week we drove to two hours to reach a certain peak we wanted to hike up, only to have to turn around. Why? Once we got close to the trailhead, there were tons of hunters out in their blaze orange. One guy stopped us on our drive and said, "You got some blaze, right?" We kind of mumbled, and was very adamant about letting us know we wouldn't be very safe hiking without any orange on, especially having a dog that is colored like a deer. Needless to say, as soon as we got to the TH, we turned right around. As soon as we got into service I searched for the best blaze orange Dog vests so that we wouldn't run into this problem again. 

Tumalo Hydration Pack by Mazama Designs

The Tumalo Hydration Pack is Mazama Designs newest pack on the market. I recently did a post on a few of their other hydration reservoirs, so when I got the Tumalo pack, I was super excited to test it out and add it to my pack collection. Mazama Designs offers a complete line of patented/patent-pending water bladder systems and replacement parts for almost every backpack on the market. All of the bladders are made in the USA, using Metallocene film, which provides for a taste-free drink of water. No more plastic-mouth syndrome!

Fifty Fifty 750ml Wine Growler

Fifty Fifty, based in Oregon, has created the best double wall, vacuum-insulated bottles and wine growlers. Made of 18/8 stainless steal, these bottles keep condensation at bay, all while keeping your favorite wine or mixed drink at the perfect temperature all day. Whether you store the wine growler in your backpack while hiking or skiing, you can count on the this growler to accompany you on any outdoor adventure.