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Gumbie's Islander Canvas Flip Flops

Gumbies Islander Canvas Flip Flops are not just for an islander - they are for the mountain lover, the soccer mom, the gym goer, the laid back office worker, or even for the yard. Developed with a passion for outdoor life, Gumbies provides the freedom of minimalist footwear, while protecting the sole. Made from natural and recycled plant friendly materials where possible, the Gumbies Flip Flops are 95% recycled. 

Mazama Designs Reservoirs

Looking for an innovative, streamlined hydration bladder with a no fuss system? Mazama Designs, out of Bend, Oregon, has come up with a great replacement hydration bladder for any Camelbak. Mazama Designs offers a complete line of patented/patent-pending water bladder systems and replacement parts for almost every backpack on the market. All of the bladders are made in the USA, using Metallocene film, which provides for a taste-free drink of water. No more plastic-mouth syndrome!

Kroex Double Hammock

Within the last month or so, I was on the search for the best, lightweight, backpacking hammock I could find. Hammocks have become super popular in the last few years, as a lightweight alternative to sleep while backpacking, are used to simply hang out by a lake or river, at picnics, at ballgames, and the outdoors in general. So when I came across the Kroex Double Hammock, I knew it would be the best fit for me.

The Ruffwear Quinzee Insulated Dog Jacket Gear Review

The Ruffwear Quinzee Insulated Dog Jacket is perfect for dogs who backpack and get cold easily. Not only is this jacket super packable at just under 1 pound, it also packs down into it's integrated stuff sack. If you like to hike during winter or backpack at higher elevations in cold weather, the Ruffwear Quinzee won't break your back carrying it in, and you dog will thank you for many warm nights to come.

The Merrell Capra Rapid Hiking Water Shoe gear review

The Merrell Capra Rapid Hiking Water Shoe is my new favorite river shoe. I've been a Chaco lover for years, but found that after 8-9 miles in a river, the straps would rub my sensitive feet the wrong way. I started to look for a fully enclosed water shoe, so that dirt and rocks couldn't get in. I didn't want Keens because of how bulky they are, and the little holes that allow rocks to get in. I also didn't want to have to stop every few feet to empty my shoe.