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Hiking to the Davis Creek Waterfall, Utah, dogs that hike in utah

The Davis Creek Waterfall is accessed via the Davis Creek Trail, and is a good hike for all levels of hikers. At only 1 mile (RT), this hike is somewhat steep the first section, but soon levels out with a view of the waterfall. There are several trails that branch off of the Davis Creek Trail, so if you have time I suggest doing all of it. However, if you are short on time but still want a great destination, the waterfalls is the perfect turnaround point.

The Grotto Trail & Waterfall, Nebo Scenic Loop Road trails, Waterfalls in Utah

The Grotto Waterfall & trail is more of a stroll, rather than a hike. At only 0.25 miles one way, this trail is very kid friendly. Not only is the distance short, but at the end is a rewarding waterfall that is a popular hang out on hot weekends throughout summer. Be ready to pass anywhere from 50-100 people on this trail - you won't find solitude unless you get there really early in the morning. This trail is great for dogs to cool off as well, as they are allowed off leash.  From November 15 until May 15 (winter), there is a gate making the walk 1.6 miles one way to the falls.

Hiking to Parley's Canyon Overlook

Parley's Canyon Overlook (marked as Peak 6,299 ft on maps) is a short & steep yet rewarding hike. The overlook looks East into Parley's Canyon, and you have an amazing view of the West Ridge of Grandeur Peak. Looking West, you get a great view of the SLC Valley, making this a perfect sunset hike as well. There are several trails you can take, making it fun to create a loop or just explore a slightly different area each time you hike here. This is a brand new trail head and parking area in a new development, so let's keep it clean so that hikers continue to have access even after the houses are built.

Hiking the South Ridge to Mt. Wire, Hiking in Utah with Dogs

The South Ridge to Mt.Wire can be hiked year round, and overlooks the University of Utah, Emigration Canyon, and Red Butte Canyon Unfortunately, Mt.Wire isn't much to look at. But what this little hill lacks in prestige, it more than makes up for with steep trails, nice views of the valley, and a spacious top to stretch out and enjoy the scenery. Plus, if you are brave enough, you can climb up the old radio tower! There are two main routes to get to the summit - this way up past The Living Room, or up the South Ridge, the route I will be describing.

Frary Peak, Utah, Antelope Island State Park, Frary Peak maps

Frary Peak on Antelope Island State Park is not only the highest point on the island, but also the most beautiful trail that offers 360 degree views of the Great Salt Lake, the Wasatch Mountains, and views of the cities. This hike is best to hike between November-March when the horseflies are gone for winter. After March, it is recommended to wear head nets to protect your face against the flies. Along this trail you may see Buffalo, Antelope, and other small animals.

Ensign Peak, Utah, Best Utah sunset photo spots

Hiking to Ensign Peak offers unparalleled views of the Great Salt Lake as well as the Wasatch Mountains, and Salt Lake County. If you are looking for the easiest, kid friendly, or a fun date night sunset spot in Salt Lake, this is the trail for you. The city lights at night offer a beautiful panorama of the valley, with minimal effort of hiking to the top. Regardless of age or hiking experience, you will find this short but sweet trail and overlook enjoyable.

Hiking the Wild Rose Trail, North Salt Lake City

The Wild Rose Trail is located in North Salt Lake along the foothills and is a popular trail for hiking, running, and mountain bike riders. It sees way less people in Winter, so it's a perfect time to take your dogs. Dogs are allowed off-leash year round but it's best to take them in Winter so you don't have to worry about bikes flying down the trail, and it's a much cooler hike. This trail can get pretty hot in warm months, and there's no water available for your pup. 

Hiking at Gold Butte National Monument, Hiking in Nevada with Dogs, hiking outside las vegas

Gold Butte National Monument (GBNM) is located just 2 hours outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, 1 hour from Mesquite, NV and encompasses 300,000 acres of land. One of the newer monuments since 2016, GBNM is home to endless sandstone, rock art, old mining equipment, arches, wildlife, and even a ghost town. Most people come here to ride their ATV around to all the sites, and others like me, come for the hiking and geological features.

Hiking to The Living Room, Salt Lake City

The Living Room Trail is one of SLC's most popular hike. At only 2 miles round-trip, this overlook provides one of the best views looking down to the city. There are several routes to reach The Living Room, which is home to several rock "lazy boys" and "couches". If you hike up here on a Friday night or during the day on the weekends, The Living Room can get really crowded. I've been up there when 40-50 people are all trying to see the sun set, or just relax and drink a beer. The Living Room sits behind the Natural History Museum along the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST). This is a popular hike to bring along dogs, kids, and the whole family and it can be done in under 2 hours.